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Aren’t these candy jars cool?!?  I’m so excited.  Every year around this time, with the new year approaching, I get into Organizer Bunny mode.  Well, I found these glass candy jars on Craigslist a few weeks ago and scored them…for $10 under the asking price.  The seller was a local candy shop who had just piled up too many jars in their stockroom.  Coupla’ e-mail exchanges, quick trip to the ATM, then the candy store, and these babies are mine!Okay, there are still two ‘Best Parts’!  1.  I got MANY of these jars ~ 8 of the large ones w/6 lids and 10 of the small ones w/4 lids.  Yeah, lots and lots of jars.  2.  They were listed for $50 and I got them all for $40. They are really heavy, good quality and very clean.  Actually, I was kind of disappointed they didn’t smell a bit like chocolate or Twizzlers or something :( So anyway, my mind is swimming with ideas for how to use them.Here are some things I’m considering:1. Chipboard storage2. Mike’s stamp storage3. “Halfway Houses” for things before I put them away, like photos, smaller embellishments, etc.And that’s just the scrapbooking ideas ~ here are more:1. Making gifts by using rub ons to decorate them2. Using them in the kitchen for flour, sugar, etc.3. Vacation money jarThe best things about them is they are big and they are see through. I know from experience that when I can see things, I use them more. Ever since I put all my ribbons in jars, I reach for them all the time. Besides, it looks so pretty and colorful to have all your goodies displayed in glass jars.

Now, it would have been the perfect marriage but it was not to be ~ at the same time I found these jars, I also found a bunch of the Target and Store in Style scrapbooking storage cubes for sale on Craigslist. Again, buncha e-mails and a trip to the ATM but I was never able to meet up with the owner and pick them up. She lives about 50 miles from me and I headed down there one day, but there was a mix up (supposedly) and she wasn’t home. I e-mailed a couple more times trying to set something up but she wasn’t being very helpful. I mean, if you’re going to sell over $100 worth of cubes, wouldn’t you be willing to fit the person into your schedule or perhaps meet them in a town halfway between you and the buyer? Well, she wasn’t and I didn’t want to stalk the poor girl, so I gave up.

The price was fabulous and I can’t tell you how much I wanted those darn cubes. I have only part of my desired “wall of cubes” and these would have finished it off so nicely. In my head, I could just picture all my pretty-pretty glass jars filled with scrappy goodness atop my wall of cubes. So, I still search Craigslist all the time for that next crafty bargain.When something I think I really, really want doesn’t work out, I believe it didn’t work out for a reason. So I will patiently wait for what was meant to be…perhaps a free Expedit shelf will fall out of the sky, or maybe even someone nice from MY town will sell all their cubes! You never know…

Now some questions for you:  Do you Craiglist?  Buy or sell?  And what would YOU do with these candy jars?  Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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    It’s like we share the same mind or something!!! I’m getting a bunch of gingerbread jars (the official name for those darling things) from my mom! We used them at my wedding reception with candies in them. Yum! Anyway, I’m now going to use them to store my foam alpha stamps. :D

    And…I just bought the Frankie complete Skinni Minni Quickutz alpha and two 2×2 dies (tag and folk heart) from a gal on Craig’s List for $40.00!!! 8D

    By the way, that is a killer deal on the jars!!!

    I love Craig’s List!!!


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    I should totally start shopping on Craig’s list!! I’ve never done it before. Actually, I’ve never even been to the site! I guess I’m behind the times. I really like those jars. I love organizing!! I would use the jars for button storage or flower storage. I love seeing all my stuff and getting inspired!!

    Sam (HappyScrappySam)

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    I used craigslist to sell off baby furniture. It worked better than classified ads in newspapers and resale shops.
    Those candy jars – oh, so many possibilities. How can I choose?

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    Button Buttons Buttons…I have a ton and I would use those to store them in a more esthetically pleasing fashion :)

    I absolutely adore craigstlist…most of my home is furnished from craigslist..LOL If you live in a larger city the selection is great!

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    Hi Erica ~ Yes, we are just one letter apart in our first names, so even our parents think alike! I didn’t know they were called gingerbread jars ~ thanks. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find any when I searched online under Candy Jars. I was trying to see if $40 was a good price for that many.

    Foam stamps ~ capital idea! Thank you for that one. I’ve been trying to use the Target document boxes for those like everyone has talked about, but it ain’t been working. You have to be so NEAT with it. And who has the time for that?? LOL

    Congrats on your Craiglist deals ~ gotta’ love it.

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    Hi Sam ~ Flowers and buttons…more great ideas. The few buttons I have are in my Craft Mate embellishment cases. But I’ve been wondering what to do with my flowers. I only had a few sitting in a little tin bucket but I’m worried about them getting dusty. And I just got 2 sets of Heidi Swapp flowers, large and small, so this will be perfect. Won’t that look pretty to have flowers in the jar?

    You should definitely try Craigslist! Another MAJOR advantage I forgot to mention is that if you use a local Craigslist like I did, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs like you would on Ebay or whatever. I mean, gingerbread jars and SIS storage cubes are very heavy items. If I’d had to pay shipping on those, fuhgedaboutit.

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    Hey Julie ~ Great idea, using Craigslist to get rid of cool stuff too. Just more money and room for scrapbooking swag, right? I’ve tried to sell a couple things with no luck, but I’m in a really small market. I also advertise my scrapbooking events there. The more you look around at all their categories, the more you realize you could use it for.

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    Hi Ms. Lopez ~ Wow, I’m jealous. I’m in a smaller area but just started checking out furniture on Craigslist. I searched ‘Ikea’ hoping to find a used Expedit. No go, but lots of other Ikea stuff. Some very sweet deals. I’m glad you’ve had such good luck with it. Thanks for telling us :)

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    great find!!! i would do all the things you mentioned with minus the kitchen one (i would hoard them for my scrap space)! Have fun, show us them when you’ve filled them, ok?

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    Hi! Congrats, I left some love on your blog. Yes, I may hoard them too. We’ll see how many ideas for scrap storage I can come up with ~ esp. if you ladies keep giving me ideas! I will post pics :)

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