I think Blog Stats are very compelling reading, and they’re something I look at every day.  I’m so interested to see how people find my blog, which search terms they used, what other blogs they linked over from, and which of my posts are getting clicked on. It won’t surprise you when I say that the more controversial the figure or topic, the more traffic it gets.  This would include Martha Stewart, for instance, whom I wrote about HERE , HEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE.  The most hits I’ve had in one day EVER {559} were when Martha Products Coming to Michaels and Martha Calls Scrapbookers Trailer Trash (well, I paraphrase…) were the topics we were all talking about.  But the Martha talk has died down, although the MS posts do still get a steady stream of traffic.  Another old standby on my blog is anything having to do with Scrapbook Organization.  Again, not surprising, right?  We’ve all been scrapping long enough that we’ve accumulated LSS-sized stashes and we need to know how to organize it all. 

But since I started blogging in January 2007, the controversy to beat all controversies has been the Kristina Contes / CK Hall of Fame 2007 scandal.  Back when I was writing about it (see HEREHEREHERE, and HERE)…even then, I talk about how obsessed I was with it all.  I literally couldn’t fall asleep easily for a couple of nights just running the situation through my head, trying to decide how I felt about things, and how I was going to write about it.  We had some good comments about it, and I’ve done an update on the situation when decisions about HOF were made by CK and other fallout (see HEREHEREHEREHERE, and HERE).  The feeling I was getting from the message boards at the time (I frequent CKMB and 2PEAS) was that, within a month or so, everyone was kind of tired of the issue and the majority wanted to move on.  So I did… 

Never forget:  I’m here for YOU.  I got yo’ back.  We on the same page, girlfriend! 

So imagine my surprise as each day goes by and 2 months later “Kristina Contes” and “CK HOF Scandal” and “Kristina Contes blog” are still the most popular search terms for incoming traffic to my blog.  And that the posts about KC and HOF are at the top of the Most Popular Posts list.  Here are the Top 10 posts of the last 30 days:   

Post Title & Number of Views


  1. Kristina Contes Speaks (Maybe She Shouldn’t Have?) :  767
  2. Scrapbooking Organization: Mission Accomplished:  364
  3. Are You Making Christmas Cards This Year?:  324
  4. Grungeboard by Tim Holtz:  307
  5. Martha Stewart’s Craft Room…It’s A Good Thing:  295 
  6. CK Hall of Fame 2007 & The Drama That Ensued:  218 
  7. Acrylic Albums: I’m Skird:  160
  8. Wicked Cool Scrapbook Website:  158
  9. Michaels: Ban Lifted on Coupons for Martha Stewart:  149
  10.  Video Tour of a Very Organized Scrapbook Room:  138

Keep in mind, those are the Top 10 out of 203 total posts.  Yesterday (12-6-07), the entry KRISTINA CONTES SPEAKS (MAYBE SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE?) got 100 hits!  Out of 394 total hits for the day, and two months after the post was written.  I haven’t been to her blog recently, but I decided to click on over to KRISTINA CONTES BLOG to see what’s the haps with her these days.  And here is the message I was so rudely greeted with:

“This blog is open to invited readers only


If you are a reader of this blog, tell us who you are! Sign in using your Account.”

So there!

So maybe it’s just me getting that message ‘cuz I’m on her shit list for not praising her in Comments about how totally cool she still is or how she ROCKS! or how she shouldn’t let those lame shut-in jealous scrapbookers get her down.  But, obviously, I’m not going to “invite myself” to her blog.  I mean, unless something else really juicy happens and I need to log on so I can get the 4-1-1 for you (possible blog-crash worthy headlines:  “Former CK HOF Takes Hostages on New York Subway” or “Kristina Contes:  I’m as Famous as God”; you know, something like that…).

 ETA 12/10/07:  Okay, NOW they’re talkin’ about this on 2Peas.  About how her blog is now Invite Only, whether the HOF was a big deal or not, did she bring it on herself, and should we just leave her alone already???  Here’s the LINK

Do you recognize anything in the title of this post?  Yep, it’s one way Kristina describes herself.  So, do you still Kare about Kristina?  Why do you think I’m still getting so many hits on this topic?  What are your polarizing (or normal) thoughts on the matter?


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    Hello Journey fan. I followed your link from CKMB – actually bookmarked it because of your board name. I’m also a Journey fan….and an Eagles fan…..sometimes I don’t know which one I like more…probably the one I’m listening to. But unlike the Eagles, Journey isn’t returning to record a new song after 28 years. I wish they would….I miss Steve Perry’s voice.

    I’ve been reading and/or snooping the CKMB for about 2 years. I don’t post my pages, rarely post a message, and sometimes I forget to even look at the site for months at a time, but I love scrapping and scrap people. You have a great blog. Love your banter, but I don’t see a profile anywhere…..must be by choice. I’ll be back….you’re a great read!

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    Hi CKReader / Eileen ~ I’m glad you visit us at CKMB. As you can see by my number of posts, I probably spend TOO much time there. But I love to talk about scrapbooking as you can also see! That IS exciting about the Eagles. We saw them in Las Vegas years ago on their Hell Freezes Over tour and it was great. We still see Journey in concert about once/twice a year, but it is just NOT the same without Steve Perry. He’s a local boy and I hear through the grapevine that he’s had some hard personal times in addition to the health problems that broke up Journey in the first place. Wish he would make a comeback!!! Anyway, glad you visited and please keep coming back and Commenting. Yes, I am deliberately mysterious on my profile, LOL. It’s about the scrappin’, baby!

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    I for one love your blog! You keep me inspired!!! I love looking at where others are in the world when they pop in on my blog. I love the world of computers and internet!!!!

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    I don’t know, but please let it die!!! I have a new controversy for you, let me go ask my friend if i can copy what she posted…

  5. avatar

    Hi Stacey ~ Right back atcha’!
    Hey Heather ~ OOOHHH! You have us intrigued. Do tell!

  6. avatar

    Hey Erika
    Did you see that you won my RAK??

  7. avatar

    love it hehe and i will leave it at that

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