Okay, I love Christmas as much as the next person.  And that green and red blog theme I had going on was kick ass.  But, sadly, it had to go.  The formatting was too wonky and hard to read in some instances.  It was a good learning experience ~ I learned that 3-column blog formats don’t work for me.  (If I were smart enough or had time enough to fit my pictures to the space allowed on the blog, it would’ve been fine.  But me:  Not smart, no time).  So back to Boring-ville with the plain blog format.  I had the old format called “Blix” for almost a year, so it’s time for a different boring blog format.  After previewing my blog in the bazillion choices offered by WordPress, I’ve chosen this one called “Shocking Blue and Green.”  Cool name at least.  Blue and green are my favorite colors so I think we have a winna’!

 I am slowly making other changes too, like adding lots of new CKMB’er blogs to my blog roll.  I’m also removing the word ‘blog’ after everyone’s name (i.e. changing CKMB AliDavis blog to just CKMB AliDavis).  Saves room, looks neater, and duh, we all know it’s a blog, right?   I’m going to try using Tags to see how those work and maybe make some better Categories.  I appreciate your patience while I try these new things.  Is the text too small to read comfortably, or is that just because I’m on a laptop?  If there’s anything you can’t read or don’t like with this format, please leave me a comment and maybe it’s something I can fix.  Well, me or WordPress tech support.  Speaking of them dudes, I need to get their help on this paragraph formatting thing.  I must have clicked ‘the place you’re never supposed to click’ when I was messing around on my blog, because I can NOT get it to save any of my spacing.  Everything’s just all run together like the butter and syrup on top of my Eggo…mmmm…..Eggo….

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    Holy Crap, I didn’t realize that many CKMB’ers had blogs.
    I think they blog looks good. I wouldn’t have suggested any changes, but since you brought it up, yeah the text is a little small. But I am on a laptop too. SO who knows.

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    I know, can you believe it Nicole? The first time I did the CKMB blog roll, I think there were 25 to 30…now there are over 100! And there are more that I’m missing, just don’t have time to catch every new one when it pops up. Thanks for commenting on the new look :)

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    qoedvc98 says:

    Blog looks good – I can read your posts again. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t read the memory makers carousel post cuz I was really interested in it. Simple and clean is good for me. As you mentioned in your blog, the text is a bit small. I’m on a laptop too but my screen is wider than the average desktop monitor screen and it’s a bit small (unless you change your view preferences and make the text larger when visiting your blog).

    Can’t wait to read more posts and check out the blogs you’ve linked.

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    Hi Q ~ Thanks for your comments. I like clean and simple too. Must be the Cathy Zielske in me, LOL! I figured, all the better to feature product photos, etc. with. But now that I’m on my PC at work, the bar along the righthand side is cutting off a bit of the Comments text. Hmmm… You’re right, there is always changing View Preferences but I don’t want to be ‘that annoying blog I have to change my View for,” kwim? Will keep tweeking and listening for more comments/opinions on this new look :)

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