Yep, this is how my box arrived for a recent shipment of {2} WRMK Kiwi 12×12 albums from Amazon. I’m an Amazon Associate which means I recommend them and their products to you on this blog. It means I believe in their company and their products. So, man, this was disappointing!

Just because I’m an affiliate doesn’t mean I’m not going to share this with you. Gotta’ be real, yo’s.

So a full-on hole in the corner. Gee, do ya’ suppose my albums are gonna’ be dirty or damaged?


Here’s the overall condition of the box. I took a ton of photos as I opened it because I figured I’d need documentation for the return.


Yeah, two large albums in a larger box with nothing except this pathetic excuse for padding.


They weren’t individually wrapped so all the dirt that got into the box did things like stick to the labels . . .


. . . and get alllll over the 2 albums.





The page protectors inside were ruined.


There were gouges on the surfaces . . .



. . . and a bunged up corner.



I flippin’ HATE returning things. Contact Amazon, fill out the return, find a new box (in this particular case), haul it to the post office, etc. So I told myself if I could get the dirt off the albums, I’d just keep them. Luckily, I was able to with just baby wipes. That didn’t take care of the gouges and dings but whatever. I decided to just keep them. I will, however, be letting Amazon know about the horrible shipping practice on this box.

A day later, the other {4} WRMK Kiwi albums I ordered from Amazon also arrived.

Ahhhhh, much better!

Lots of air pillows!


Individually wrapped!


Now THAT is the Amazon I know and love. Thank goodness they restored my faith in them so quickly. I’ve ordered from Amazon probably 60-70 times by now and never, ever had a bad experience like this.

So I do still recommend them wholeheartedly. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I know that if I’d wanted to pursue a return, they would’ve accepted it, no problem.

I think the bottom line is that they should only let scrapbookers pack up their scrapbook supply orders. Any scrapper would know that you have to pack WRMK albums with care, right?

Have you had any crazy or bad Amazon experiences? Do tell.

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    Yes, not a scrapbook item, they have all come will padded in bigger than needed boxes to accomodate 12×12 mats but like I said, well padded. I did however order a place setting of silverware from a wedding registry no less and it was put in an oversize bubble envelope. The vision of the box the place setting was in is about the same as your box as it rumbled around in the mail. And it was a wedding gift! I called and they were going to refund me $10 to my CC for the inconvenience and shopping for another suitable box but it didn’t happen. Have never had an issue till I wanted to give something as a gift!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Aw, Julie, that sounds so disappointing! I’m sorry that happened. Glad to hear all your scrapbook supplies have been okay though!

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    Juliana says:

    This has happened to me in the past. I start a chart and explain the box and item is damaged and not returnable. The either send out replacements or credit me. I have only returned defective items, items that did not work. Damage in shipping Amazon usually just replaces. That has been my experience. But it sure is frustrating. Did you get the Kiwi albums on sale? I bought a bunch a year ago for less than $3 each and now have no idea what to do with them! But for the price….LOL!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Juliana! I still haven’t let Amazon know about the damage but what you said is encouraging – thanks! I got the Kiwi WRMK albums for $22 vs $30. They’re hard to find these days much less on sale so I was very happy. Nothing like your deal, though! WOW

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    Oh, wow! I HATE returning things, too, with a passion. I’m sorry this happened!! Glad your faith was quickly restored, though. Happy New Year to you!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Melissa! Thanks for the sympathy, scrappy friend! I knew you guys would understand my pain, LOL. Happy New Year!

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