If you haven’t already heard the news, ‘the stacks have landed’ at Mike’s. Here are some lame-ish photos I took there this week. As you can see, this plethora of new scrapbook paper stacks are on their own display rack in the middle of the aisle. At mine, they were in the back part of the store, a place where scrappy supplies are not usually found. Oh, and all stacks are 25% off this week!

Here’s the view from one side of the stack rack. You will see a variety of manufacturers…


My eyes zoomed right to these lovelies. I’m from Podunk, USA and have never even seen Sassafrass Lass supplies in person! One would assume that I grabbed me some Sass Lass like it was a warm sugar cookie! They had the ‘Whale of a Tale’ and ‘Hog Heaven’ lines. I flipped through them and fell in immediate crushing love with both. Then I saw the price….$24.99. Even at 25% off, I figured I’d better wait until they go off sale and I can use a 40% off coupon. Then at least I’m paying $15 instead of $18.75. {Please tell me I did that math right! Or wait, no, tell me I did it wrong so I can go back and buy my Sass Lass NOW!}.


This is some We R Memory Keepers, gcd, SEI, and Die Cuts with a View. After the Sass Lass, the DCWV Nanna’s Kitchen is next on my shopping list.


Here you can see the American Crafts patterned paper and cardstock varieties, and ‘Garden Party.’


Here’s some more SEI, a pack of chipboard sheets, and some new Bazzill packs. What I ended up buying on this trip was the Bazzill ‘Swiss Dot’ pack. It has 24 sheets, 2 each of 12 colors. If you need the price, let me know and I’ll find my receipt. But I can tell you, the Swiss Dot is GORE-JUS and a must have for any true scrapper’s collection.


Here’s the other side of the stack rack. Mostly gcd which wasn’t blowing my dress up really…


Except I really liked the ‘Chic Bebe’ line. It’s a fun twist on baby album goodness, with cool colors and patterns that aren’t the norm, sissy la la baby stuff.


I pulled out the K & Company ‘Cut ‘N Paste’ because I’d heard so many raves about it. It’s very cute/cool vintage stuff but I guess that’s just not my style because I only really loved a few of the sheets. But if vintage is your thang, check it out fo’ sho.


So, not the best pictures. I saw on someone’s blog recently where they took each item off the rack, laid it out all nice a pretty, and got a full frontal shot of each thing. Wow. I mean, I love you guys but I’m usually doing a power shop during my lunch hour, ya know? This is the best I can do, LOL. Hope it’s enough of a sneak peek to make you happy. ‘Cuz I need your constant approval and reassurance….

Whaddya’ think? See any stack you gotta have?

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  1. avatar

    A stack of Saffsafrass Lass- OH MY! I am sooooooooooo there!!!! Yippeeeee- thanks for the heads up!

  2. avatar

    opps- so excited, I mispelled Sassafrass!

  3. avatar

    Came over from TwoPeas…these photos make me what to run out and shop! Thank for the enabling!!! :)

  4. avatar

    Okay…I’m the vintage nut to fell in love with the K & Co Cut ‘n Paste pack. Like I would probably skipped lunch and dinner to have it. Yeah, I liked it that much! I loved the SassLass, but mainly the hog heaven one I think. I’m not too big into the skull thing, so the other one didn’t impress me. I just couldn’t do that price either! Even at 50% off, it seems steep for me right now. Good thing the K & Co was $9.99. When I got mine, it was 30% off and paying $7 for it still hurt! LOL! Thanks for the great pics. Did yours have the Daydreams line by K & Co, too?

  5. avatar

    We had most of these at my Michaels, but as much as I liked them, I’m holding off. I do have a pack of K&CO waiting for me so when I go pick that up today, I may buckle. I wish my store would get the bazzill packs. We don’t have those. Thanks for sharing!

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    I think i will have to check out the sassafrass too! I’m not too into the new DCWV stacks through. thanks for posting (and i think your pics are just fine :) )

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    scrappysuzz says:

    Yowza!!!! I looooove Sassafrass! I can’t wait til mine gets it in. I went this weekend and they had everything else but that. Mikes has really stepped up their game lately, I’m seeing more and more that I like. Not just the same Lame-o things they’ve been selling! I’m interested to see what they put out for their open stock paper, not usually my thing at Mikes, but maybe they will have something worth getting. It was empty when I was in there and the little worker bees were feverishly working on it!!! Thanks for the heads up, Erika!!!

  8. avatar

    Love the Sassafrass too!
    My asleep on the job Michael’s had the empty racks with tags, but no stacks to be found! Gah…

  9. avatar
    Momster says:

    I am so jealous. My closest Michaels is 90 minutes away, and all I have in my even-more podunk town is a Hobby Lobby, which I’m about to visit and find something to use my coupon on. Heh,
    gas prices are down. Maybe I’ll make the trek to Michael’s tomorrow. . .

  10. avatar

    It’s 12:29. Guess where I’m going?

  11. avatar
    krismakes says:

    americanmom you are killing me, really really killing me. I can’t stand to read another american scrap blog and hear about all these fabulous brands and shopping at Michaels and so on and so forth. It’s just not fair. Find me a teleporter machine so I can pop over to the states as I please. I am so jealous of all the way cool stuff you guys have. And don’t even start with the prices – hello we are importing from you guys so we have to pay like double. And don’t even get me started on Martha Stewart!!!
    Sigh I guess I will keep living vicariously through you.
    Love your blog, keep up the good work and take no notice of my blathering/whinging.
    Kris (in oz)

  12. avatar

    Oh how I love Michaels! Ditto on the sassafrass.

  13. avatar

    Way to boost the economy!! I spy with my little eye some Sassafras Lass!!

  14. avatar
    Tisha says:

    I just got the bazzill dotted swiss stack at michaels, yes part of the new stacks, and it was totally worth every penny! love love love it! My only gripe, not enough pages in the stack!

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