On the heels of Creative Memories FILING CHAPTER 11 earlier this month … for the SECOND TIME … now Archiver’s has declared they will do the same. This e-mail was sent out today:

{LINK to e-mail}

I’m very sad to hear this news, as I am whenever any part of the scrapbooking industry suffers a setback. I’ve never been to an ARCHIVER’S but it’s on my bucket list fo’ sho! Archivers is like The Mecca of All That Is Scrapbooking. Like Bass Pro Shops is for a fisherman. Like Dick’s Sporting Goods is for an athlete. Or a teenaged boy Nike ho’. Whatevs.

I think the e-mail does a good job of explaining their position, how they got there, and what they plan to do now. I’m happy to hear them say “we are not going out of business” because, I swear, that’s the first thing people jump on when they hear “Chapter 11.” Which is just a legal way of saying you’re having problems and need to reorganize. Yes, it’s a drastic move but it does NOT mean a company is immediately ending … although I have heard of individual stores closing lately. I wonder if that will continue?

So take heart, Dear Scrappers. Archivers may just take this opportunity to survive and thrive. Here’s hoping! ‘Cuz if they ruin my Bucket List by going out of bidness, I’m gonna’ be hotter than two hamsters fartin’ in a wool sock!!

Okay, now just TRY to get the hamster image out of your head and answer this please:

As an Archivers customer/potential customer, what should they do to remain viable? Would you change or add anything to the way they do business?

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    I have only shopped at Archivers once, but really liked the store. The closest is 4 hours away, the one I visited over 6 hours away. I can’t think of a way to improve the store. It had everything.

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    Mary says:

    I love Archiver’s.It’s a fantastic store with so much to see. I wish the store itself was closer to me. Then I could shop regularly. The closest store is about 80 miles away. A couple of yearly trips that I have made I’ve spent $150-$250 at a time. I am a paper scrapper & plan to stay that way. I resent that they all assume that everyone uses a computer for pictures & scrapbooking. I don’t download pictures or do photo books.I print out my own pictures.I need the stores the scrapbook magazines & supply catalogs. And I love it just that way!

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    I couldn’t resist commenting here…especially since you’ve never been to one! Archiver’s are great stores. Full of fun products, traditional tools you always need, and occaisionally products you can’t find anywhere else. As someone who lives within easy distance of an Archivers, Hobby Lobby, Joannes, Michaels and two local scrapbook stores, I have to say I rarely go to Archivers, mostly because their prices are high. They do offer coupons, but nothing like you get with a larger chain. I recently did an impromptu price comparison and their prices were between 15 and 20% higher than their competitors…even the LSS.

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    I really think they do a fantastic job in every way. I don’t even mind paying a few pennies more on a few items because their locations must cost them a fortune in rent. Their marketing is stellar – their make and takes are plentiful and well designed – their crop area is the bomb and I LOVE the new photo lab. I’m getting ready to blog about it. I made some great 4×4 pics there and they even gave me the cable to plug my phone in and stood there and helped me.

    Customer service is awesome at mine. I just can’t think of a thing they could do better except they did make one dumb mistake at this last show – they ordered only the embellishments from the Maggie Holmes line and not the paper!! I was speechless.

    Other than that, almost everything I ever want is there. I love it and I will continue to spend my money there and support them.

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      keely says:

      I totally agree with you about the Maggie Holmes line!! I was so disappointed that they had such a limited embellie selection.

      I don’t think the photo lab is a good use of space. we already have so many other online printing options. Although, I am now intrigued that you enjoyed your experience.

      My experience has been that the Archivers staff is not very knowledgeable about new products or trends. I wish they were better trained.

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    Amy Sampson says:

    I think the only way Archivers’ is going to stay viable is to lower their prices.There is just way too much competition. The closet Archiver’s to me here in Medina, Ohio is either the Fairlawn location which is about 20 minutes away or the North Olmsted location which is about 30-45 minutes away. The Fairlawn location has competition right next door with a Hobby Lobby that just opened up about a year ago and a Micheal’s that has been across the street for years.

    I love Archivers but I’m not a regular shopper there. I have a Hobby Lobby and a Joann’s close to me and compared to Archiver’s, Hobby Lobby is much cheaper. Yes, I love a lot of things at Archiver’s. There are things there that Hobby Lobby doesn’t have but then I can say the same about Hobby Lobby having things Archiver’s doesn’t have either. There are no longer any small local scrapbook stores in my area. The last one went out of business about 2 years ago. So, between Archiver’s in Fairlawn, Ohio and Joann’s and Hobby Lobby here in Medina, Ohio, my choices are limited.

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    Hillary says:

    I wish there were an Archiver’s near me. I wonder if the photo lab concept is going to help them or hurt them. I wouldn’t think to take my computer to Archivers and print out photos; I do all that at home. I like to go to a LSS to see products up close and personal.

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      Muki says:

      @Hillary, you wouldn’t have to take your computer there. Their machines would be like the ones at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, or large grocery stores – you just need your memory card, a flash drive or your phone.

      The only thing that stops me from shopping there all the time is that the nearest Archiver’s is over an hour away, so it’s a once a year trip for me.

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    Gigi says:

    My Archiver’s is about an hour away, so I have to make a special trip to go there. I enjoy checking out the new products and it’s worth making the trip every now and then. I’ve always found the staff to be pleasant and helpful, but not necessarily friendly, if that makes sense. They always have a coupon and will allow you to combine, for example, a 30% off coupon with a free cardstock coupon, so that’s nice.

    I contrast the Archiver’s experience with going to my LSS, where the owner is funny & friendly, the service is personal, I only have to drive 15 minutes… you get the idea! So, while it’s nice to venture out to Archiver’s once in a while, I prefer my LSS. However, if I didn’t have the LSS, I’d be making the trek to Archiver’s a lot more often!

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    A lot of times companies do this to get rid of stores that aren’t making money and to trim the fat. Hopefully they can make the stipores better and stay in business

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    I LOVE Archiver’s Michaels and JoAnne’s are not even in a close 2nd to Archiver’s. I do not want digital, I like hands on stamping. I hate that Archiver’s is closing stores. Luckily for me not in our area so far.
    Diana in WI

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