As I mentioned in my LAST POST about my scrapbooking haul from Michaels, I’m starting a new project: a combination Gratitude and About Me journal and mini book.

From Michaels, I recently bought this gorgeous pink 6×8 album, along with the Weekly Planner and Journal Pages sets, by Project Life. I got them for either 40 or 50% off using sales and coupons.




Here’s the album with JUST the Journal Pages set inside and, as you can see, it’s chock full.


I had to put this page first in the album . . . SO PERFECT!


Obviously, I’ll have to pull out some of the Journal Pages to make room for some of the Weekly Planner pages, which is fine because they’re pretty generic, basically just lined or grid journal pages with differing amounts of space to write on.

I also want to take out these divider pages and use the monthly ones from the Weekly Planner set. If this works out, I’ll have a similar set ready to go for next year, too.

So, back to the MAMBI Sticks from the other post . . . I’m going to use 1 or 2 of those on the cover of this new album. I’ll be handling this book a lot so I don’t want to make it too fancy.


I just love the watercolor look of that green one. It’s going to be hard to choose!

Then I’ll use the stickers from the medium-sized MAMBI set on the pages inside. I want them to be mostly journaling and, because the pages are so thick, I need to keep them flat as well. These stickers will be perfect. They make me happy just to look at them :)

I haven’t decided yet whether to include photo pocket pages in this album. I know there’ll be times when I’ll want to use a photo but, to save room, I *think* I’ll print any photos 2×3 or 3×4 and adhere them right to a page, then write the journaling around the photo.

The reason for this project: I have so many positives in my life right now. I feel like I’m at a point where things are becoming more and more clear – about what I want from life, how to be “a positive” in others’ lives, things I want to tell my kids, etc.

I’ve even started another blog with this new vision and I’m SO excited! If I stick with it long-term, I’ll share the link here ;) Hey, I realize my flaws and being The Queen of Unfinished Projects is one of them, including new blogs. Heh.

My new blog will include some scrapbooking and memory keeping but will mostly be writing – about things I think you’ll really identify with – along with photos and lots of other great stuff :) I’ve written drafts of five posts already and I’m having a blast!

I wrote a lot in school and majored in creative writing in college; I miss writing and expressing myself in that way (other than about scrapbooking, of course!). I was driving home the other day and in the space of 20 minutes, I’d written down NINE ideas for posts I wanted to write. Now THAT’S inspired!

I hope I follow through and am able to share it with you – wish me luck!

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    Good luck & I want to read all those posts soon!

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    Good luck! I wish I was feeling as positive as you about life right now. Maybe your new posts will be an inspiration to me to look at life in a different perspective. Keep me posted

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    I JUST bought the same album! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I was considering getting those pages as well but couldn’t quite figure out how to use them. Looking forward to see your progress on this…so i can scraplift!!! tee hee!

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    Have lots of fun with the new project. Can’t wait to read the new blog!

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    You have NO IDEA how fortunate you are to purchase from a store like Michael’s. I am in tears as this product is just so gorgeous, but they do not ship internationally! I live in South Africa and am new to Project Life and have to import all PL products, at almost double what you pay and that excludes shipping costs. I’d easily move to the States just to be able to shop at Michael’s…lol Just sharing :) Found your site whilst browsing and the other stickers are just frikkin’ AWESOME too! TFS

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    I finally broke down, after salivating for a few months, and bought the bird egg blue binder and the PL planner pages!! Oh my goodness, it’s all I can do to wait till Jan 2015!! LOL

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    Great post Erika. Love the album. I’m curious to see how you use it. I thought maybe to record events to transfer over to my PL, but then it seems like another project to ‘keep up with’. lol. Hope you’ll share your blog with us soon. <3

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