Paris Hilton Scrapbooking at Tuesday Morning

I was at Tuesday Morning recently and you’ll never believe who I found: PARIS HILTON! Well, her line of scrapbooking supplies anyway.

Yes, I knew she had a scrapbooking line out there somewhere (I wrote about it way back HERE), but had never seen it online nor in stores. I began to think it didn’t truly exist.

But there is was at Tuesday AM, in all it’s sparkly, glittery glory. I have absolutely nothing against the girl but it didn’t surprise me in the least that her stuff was not my cup of tea. A bit much and OTT (over. the. top.). But, hey girl, more power to ya!

If the fact that Paris loves to scrapbook so much that she created her own line, and she gets one person scrapping, then it was all worth it. Wouldn’t you say?

Paris, honey … you just GO, gurl! Hollah!

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  1. I didn’t know she had a scrapbooking line, but seeing it, I’m not surprised it’s at Tues AM already. My 8-year-old daughter would probably like it!

  2. Very funny that it looks like something my five year old daughter would love. Lots of bling and very over the top. Not the kind of thing I would scrapbook with.

  3. I saw the post about her scrapping line. It is definitely not something that I would buy for myself, but I would buy it for my young neices who want to get into scrappin’ – great find!

  4. I have seen some of her stuff her in Zellers. As it wasn’t my taste, there was a paper pack that was pretty, didn’t gave all the glitz on it though.

  5. How funny that it was in TM! I remember she made an appearance at CHA. It certainly is glittery…but I agree…..if one girl starts scrapbooking as a result it’s totally worth it for her to produce her line!

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