I saw THIS entry by my bloggy friend, Susan. It’s a wonderful way to store ribbon. My favorite features are that it’s so compact considering how much ribbon is stored, and also that it’s flat and, like she said, you can throw a card or few of ribbon in with your crop stuff or whatever project you’re working on.

HERE’s a “ribbon addict” who started out with her ribbons on a card system like Susan’s, who then switched to a more casual approach. That’s kind of what I did. I used to wind my ribbon around cards like Susan’s, but smaller, and keep them in an embellishment case. But as time went by and I bought and used more ribbon, I got tired of winding and unwinding. It ended up being a hassle. My cards were also too small, I realized too late, and would get lots of creases in them. {That’s another thing I like about Susan’s approach; with the larger cards, I’ll bet the ribbon creases a lot less}. Anyhow, I tend to always be in a hurry to get things done, and a bit lazy to boot, so I also switched to a more “casual” kind of ribbon storage. I keep them in jars now, just loose and crazy.

Honestly, I think my ribbon thanks me….

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    Sherlu says:

    I store mine two ways: I have a jar and I also have the small boxes from cropper hopper that I keep in the bigger embellishment box, sorted by color. The ribbon is rolled up and put in the small boxes. Hopefully can get two ribbons in each box.

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    OMG a shout out from Erika! I consider it an honor coming from you….all knowing queen of all that is scrappy! :) thank ya! thank ya!

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    I keep mine sorted by color families in glass mason jars – large ones. I really like this method, actually.

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    Looks like good choices! I did something similar but different i used clothes pins.

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    I’m a total ribbon junkie. I have a lot of them on wooden clothes pins. The rest are pulled off the spools in a drawer on my 9 cube shelf. I just like to dig through them. ;) Really would love to have a dressform to put them on though.

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