How stinkin’ cute is this??

I found it on THIS post at 2PEAS from Kristie D. who was sharing her new ‘craft studio,’ as she insists it’s called (hee). If I had a darling room like that, I’d make ya’ll call it a ‘studio’ too! She says, “I ordered my dress form on ebay BUT Hobby Lobby has similar ones and you can get them half off!!” Also, that she “got the idea from a blog.. I think it was Donna D. but I am not sure.” If you’d like to see more photos of her room, go check out the 2peas post or her BLOG.

Do you like the ribbon on a dress form idea? I know you cat moms and toddler owners can’t implement this, but how about the rest of you?

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    I have seen this before and loved the idea..but on top of the cats the puppy would eat the form and the ribbon! lol

    Jcpenneys has one I love..debating just getting for decoration in the corner …..

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    ScrappyJen says:

    Very cute!!! I have youngsters so I could see a big mess LOL!!! Just think of the photo opps then LOL!!!

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    me likey the skickles under the cake glass!

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    LOVE the dress form! But, you’re right….it wouldn’t work very well with my cats! Thanks for the link…..I like what she did with the tray…..gave me an idea for some Christmas presents!


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    I do like the ribbon on dress form idea, but taking it to crops doesn’t seem practical :) Since I do a good amount of scrapping at home, I could see this in my scrap area…..but again, I love going to crops with girlfriends so I’m not sure I’d actually get around to creating it! (maybe paper scraps though…hmm)

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    Hi Erika! You’re right, the ribbon on the dress form wouldn’t work in our house with a toddler on the loose … but….I just realized it would make an awesome stand for the 1001 scarves and belts and ribbons she has for dress up!

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    If I had that much space I would be on knees thanking God and anyone else who would listen!

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    Kristie D. says:

    Hi ladies.. this is my studio.. I am so thrilled to see it here!!!! I am still in the process of getting stuff organized though.. I really really love my dress form and yep I have 2 kitties that love the ribbons.. But what I did was put a baby gate up for now and it seems to work ok..sometimes they jump it but not always.. I am planning on putting french doors up but for now the gate will have to do.. Thanks so much for all the comments!!

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