I was at Michaels the other night and noticed all these new scrapbook storage items by Jetmax. I made sure to include the shelf sticker so you can see how much each item costs.











This is a cool new storage item that I saw on an end cap. It wasn’t near the scrapbooking, but over by the home decor. I was a little confused by the signage though….are they 30% off or 40% off? LOL



The only Jetmax items I currently own are the 3-drawer storage cubes. I have 3 of them that I bought one at a time using 40% or 50% off coupons. I’ve only put one of the cubes together and I’m dreading doing the other two, because it was NOT a pleasant experience. So my only advice is that if you plan to deck out your scrapbook area in Jetmax products, buy one item first and put it together before you commit. Just sayin….

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    The front of the packaging bears the message ‘Assembles quickly and Easy to clean.’ …ok, from your testimony we know the put together process is not a pleasant one and therefore takes a long time because of all the gotta walk away from this project before something gets hurt time, so a gal’s gotta wonder how easy to clean can they really be?!?!

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      Jill says:

      I’ve wiped mine clean with a clorox (or something) wipe and they clean really nicely!

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      I’ve put two of them together in no time. The key is having everything you need right there and setting out the materials so you can reach everything easily. So, it does assemble quickly and it is easy to clean. Perhaps you had “help” from little ones that were more distracting than helpful?:))))

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    Jenny McGee says:

    More storage for more scrapbooking supplies. I feel the need to straighten/organize my scrapbook area.

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    Hmmm, wouldn’t mind getting something to try this brand out… The first 4-shelf storage looked tempting – til i saw the price (even w/30% off). Thanks for including prices!! I’m even thinking for storage for all my kids’ stuff. We need something to get their items organized.

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    Sometime in the distant future when I have a scraproom or corner or closet of my own… and a 40% off coupon :)

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    I may have to check these out. That lazy susan desk storage looks like something I might like! I’ve wanted the MM one for a long time, but this might be cheaper!

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    Cool! Thanks for the heads up!

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    I am NOT looking at these pictures, I am NOT looking at these pictures! Okay, okay, I looked ;) I do NOT need anymore organizing items! I do NOT need anymore organizing items! They do look great, though :) Thanks for posting the pics……I think ;)

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    Love it when you post your secret spy pics. :) I’ve been eyeing those polka-dot storage things ever since I saw them.

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    mercytiara says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve tried any other jetmax products, but I thought I’d point out that the 3-drawer unit you have is probably the most complicated to put together. The 3-shelf unit goes together in about 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy those drawers, I know I love mine, even though they do take a chunk of time to assemble!

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      Leslie says:

      The day after Thanksgiving, these jetmax products were 66% off. I put them together myself and I thought it was easy (and fun). It made all the difference in the world when my husband brought in the Power Screwdriver. That is what made it so easy!!! The 3 drawer unit is the hardest to put together.

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    Margaret Devine says:

    I have some of the Store N Style cube. I have a secret method of putting mine together that makes it so easy for me. When I assembled mine, my sister and youngest daughter were here. They put them together. So it was a breeze for me to get mine assembled. I need more scrapbook storage so I thought I would check out the storage items available at Micheals. Thanks for the photos. A lot of you must have a lot better eyes than I do b/c I cannot figure out what those tiny little shelf stickers say. Got to get my 5yo great nephew to check them out for me.

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    MaryJo says:

    Just a comment for you. The three drawer unit from Jetmax is more challenging to put together but if you purchase the four shelf one you will find it a breeze to put together. I have an entire wall of Jetmax and find them very useful and very good for what I need for my scrapbooking business and for my personal use. I have converted my daughter in law and she has started her wall as well.
    I find that the best time to purchase these units is during one of Michael’s door buster events or when they are on sale for 50% off. They are fantastic at half price.

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    martha abizu says:

    i am looking for the craft storage collection corner organizer cube i need 6 can you tell me where i can get them from

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    Clare says:

    I have 15 of these units in my spare room for scrap stuff. My secret to putting them together: my 16 y.o. son and his friend did it! they said it was super easy, they used the drill though and d.s. wants to be a cabinetmaker so this and IKEA furniture is a piece of cake for him :)

    I first bought 3 when they were on sale in Michaels for 40% off and there was an extra 20% off coupon, then the rest when Michaels had them on for 50% off and I had an extra 25% off coupon for the Boxing Week sales here in Canada, at that price I couldn’t resist! I figure I’m set for life now!!!

    I love them, I have mostly the 2 and 3 drawer units and I can just toss stuff in there and it still looks lovely – no one has to see the mess!!!

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    Teresa Gray says:

    I purchased one of these cubes a week ago and also found it difficult to put together with the tiny screwdriver. However, this week at Michaels they are 50% off so I purchased four more, but this time I got out my husband’s cordless drill and #1 drill bit and they went together in a snap. Am looking forward to purchasing a few more this weekend before the sale ends.

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    Carrie says:

    The Jet Max storage cubes are the best. Great for all kinds of storage. I built 2 areas for crafts in my home with different set-ups. I now live on an island part time and don’t have access to this storage cubes and i really need them. Anyone know where i can pruchaes these cubes on-line that Michaels sells? Really miss being organized with my cubes!

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    Aimee says:

    I have 8 of these cubes so far and am planning on buying the components to put an entire desk together. I used my husband’s cordless drill,and have not run into any issues with them. I’ve had these for going on three-four years and they get pretty beat-up by my 3-year old. They still look brand-new. Can’t beat the price at Michael’s when you use a 40 percent off coupon- I just bought a different piece every week! perfect size for 12×12″ papers with room to get your fingers in without bending all of the pages. These make organizing so easy! I even have drawers to hold each project so that I can just grab everything but the tools out of a drawer when I have a free minute or two. Love them!

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