I saw this over on my AMR friend KELLI’s BLOG. It’s yet another way to organize your ribbon. There are so many things on the market now, I think we must be a world of ribbon-holics.


ciu ribbon

Here are some things I like about this system:
~ Ribbon shelf is hung on the wall so it’s off your workspace yet easily accessible.
~ No dowel needed, you just pop your ribbon rolls in and out & there’s even a sliding spool holder so they don’t fall over.
~ It looks very durable and I love the two scissor slots, one on each end. That’s a pretty cool use of what would be wasted space.

The rumor according to THIS POST on 2Peas is that this ribbon holder won’t be shipping until May. But like one poster said, that gives us time to decide if we really need it!

However, like Kelli, I thought ‘too bad it costs so much.’ I found THIS SITE taking pre-orders for $55 (regular price $66) and that seems to be the average that it sells for. So those of you who are inventive like Kelli, come up with your own like she did!

kellis ribbon holder

Isn’t that cool?!? Check out THIS POST for more info. She used pantry door racks from the hardware store, then incorporated the “clip it up” idea for her unspooled ribbon. The clips are badge holders from Michaels. WTG Kelli!

And while I’m poaching from Kelli’s blog, thought I would share this awesome project with you. It’s way to ambitious for me, but you talented card makers and papercrafters will dig it.


k card purse

She gives a wonderful tutorial HERE, and another example of a card purse HERE. Here’s an AMR MB thread about Kelli’s card purses. Such a talented lady! Go say hi and give her some blog love for sharing so many awesome projects, will ya?

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    yep, Kelli is pretty awesome!

  2. avatar

    I so need to get my ribbon storage together…Love the pantry door technique.

  3. avatar
    Vickie Jones says:

    I love Kelli’s purse, thinking of doing them up as gifts with cards in them. As for the finger craft knife, I’m craft knife challenged so I’ll probalby pass!

  4. avatar

    Sneaky Sneaky…I didn’t know you were poaching again….lol! Thanks for the love girl!

  5. avatar
    Nancy says:

    WOW is all I can say about the ribbon rack!! I’ve been searching all day and saw your picture of rack and thot what an ingenious idea..Ran out to garage and just happen to have 3 of those racks from our last house. Thank God I hadn’t thrown them out LOL now to hang in my craft room. THANK YOU so much

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