As a recent convert to the blessings of a craft knife ~ thanks to my Basic Grey MAGNETIC MATS ~ I was intrigued by this coolio FINGERTIP CRAFT KNIFE by FISKARS:

ft craft knife

ALI EDWARDS mentioned it on her blog HERE. I’d love to see a video or demo of this doo-hickey being used, wouldn’t you?

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    heather says:

    love it and it works fabulous!

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    I might have to put that on my wish list…looks cool

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    I saw that on Ali’s blog. Might have to just get one!

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    hey there… wanted to thank you for all the nice links to Craft Critique (my other blog) I’d love to chat with you about your blog… maybe we can help each other out!

    Can you email me? I couldn’t find your email…


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    Jennifer says:

    On the Fiskars TV portion of the Fiskars site, they showed this being used a few weeks ago. It’s pretty embedded in the rest of the video, though.

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    I’ve seen these and would love to see a video on how to use it, looks easy to use

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    Beryl Saunders says:

    Where can I Buy this knife in West Midlands or anywhere in England

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