I know some Project Lifers used “Oh Life” to keep track of daily photos and journaling, so I wanted to share this e-mail about them shutting down:

We’ll unfortunately be shutting OhLife down on October 4, 2014.

We started OhLife to help people remember what’s happened in their life. But since then we haven’t been able to grow our user base or make OhLife financially stable. Because of both these reasons we’ve decided to shut OhLife down. We appreciate everyone that’s used OhLife and supported us.

We’re extremely sorry for shutting the site down.

We have some FAQs below to help out. Thank you for all your support.

Thank you,
The OhLife Team

How do I export my entries?
You can save your entries to a text file here: https://ohlife.com/export
Please export them before we shut down and delete them on October 4, 2014.

How do I save photos?
The Past page (https://ohlife.com/past) has a list of all your entries, so you can quickly scroll through them to find your photos. If you click a photo it will take you to the original version.

What if I had a premium account?
If you had the premium version, a few weeks after we shut OhLife down we’ll refund you a prorated amount.

I signed up for Oh Life but never really got into using it. {I have online privacy issues, LOL}. But it seemed like a service of great value to scrapbookers and I’m sorry to see them go :(

Did you use Oh Life to do your Project Life journaling? If not, what other service or method do you use?

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    racena says:

    Yikes – so fairly poor grammar on that site. Makes me wonder at their level of professionalism.

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    I probably didn’t use OhLife as it was intended. Instead of short daily messages, I wrote long blocks of texts describing the most important events every two weeks or so. Still, I am really glad to have been introduced to such a service and was really saddened when I learned it was shutting down.

    Because I don’t want to go through that again, I decided not to rely on online services like that anymore,
    so I create my own offline version of OhLife. Feel free to check it out. It might also be interesting if you have online privacy issues ;)


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