HERE is post 1 of 3 where I talked about all the new Project Life things coming our way. Now onto post 2 of 3 and it’s time for Shimelle . . .

Have I told you how much I want Shimelle’s new scrapbooking line? Oh yeah, I did RIGHT HERE. Well, I’ve ordered some but it’s taking FOR-EH-VURRRR to get here so I haven’t fondled it – ahem – SEEN it in person yet. But I know I’m going to LURVE it.

I got the 12×12 paper pad, the camera washi tape dispenser, and . . . some embellishment – stickers? It’s beens so long, I forgot. {I don’t think I’ll be ordering from this shop again}.

Shimelle said on her blog HERE that there would be matching Project Life cards coming so I purposely didn’t order too much of the line, knowing I’d be getting the PL kit.

So I guess “Lovely” is it? Not sure when or where it will be sold.

Again, I found this on an overseas website:

Shimelle used some of the PL cards in this layout:


Another new PL kit I’ve seen is the “Dazzle” mini kit by Pebbles. The only photo I could find was this, from a shop in the Netherlands:

And this pic from a shop in Indonesia:

Not much to go on yet, but looks cute so far. It appears to be based on THIS line from Jen Hadfield called “Home + Made” and it has a lot of gold so maybe that’s where the “Dazzle” comes from?

It’s not really my style but maybe you love it?

I don’t see either of these kits in Becky’s shop or on her blog, but maybe I’m missing them? Just wanted to make sure you had the heads up :) Happy shopping!

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    I’m (impatiently) waiting on my Shimelle stuff too…tempted by the PL kit, but I’m trying to hold off on that one. Such great releases lately!

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    I have some of the Shimelle line and it’s lovely (ha ha). The colours are right on, not grungy and a bit like October Afternoon actually (but without the browny shading that they have around the edges sometimes). It’s a great line – I think she did an amazing job. I really want the PL kit to match too. Hadn’t heard about the Dazzle PL kit – not my style. Wanting a lot of Heidi’s PL stuff like every other man and his dog.

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    Just saw the Lovely mini kit for sale on Becky’s website.

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    Just realized that the Dazzle mini kit is there as well.

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