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Crud! I was all ready to turn the computer off since we’re headed out of town at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning. But then I saw this new BG and I couldn’t wait until after the holiday to tell you about it!

HERE’s the link…

And here’s a peek….


The colors are much like BLUSH, don’t you think? I’m not a huge fan of this type of big, strong patterns. I like their more subtle designs better. I won’t be buying the whole pack of Bittersweet, maybe a sheet or two plus all of the solids. Can’t get enough BG solids. What do you think? Will you be rushing out to buy some Bittersweet?

But, yeah, this lovey-dovey stuff isn’t really my style anyway. I don’t do many of those mushygushy, oh how I love you honey layouts. Mine and DH’s relationship is better summed up by this quote from our man, HOMER SIMPSON:

“Marge, we’re gettin’ some drive thru and doin’ it twice!” Yeah, now THAT’s true romance…

Okay, I’m really leaving now…buh-bye.

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    I’m with you: this one isn’t a fave. I’ll be getting a few sheets, but not the whole line (x2 or 3!) like usual. Agreed: reminds me of blush.

    I’m holding out for granola and urban prairie for christmas! but, I’m going to Michael’s tonight for the line that’s there, can’t quite remember…hehe.

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    That paper is very…………..Bright? Bold? It will go with the Blush line.

    I have the Granola AND the Urban Prairie….they both are really AWESOME!

    Love your blog……..but you know that!

    Come see me from time to time!



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