Has this happened to you? You sit there, writing your little blog, and one day…someone you totally admire visits and leaves a Comment! Here was my latest “moment” – a comment left on THIS post, about Creative Memories’ parent company filing Chapter 11 (you know, the post that has hundreds per day clicking on my blog, as they try to figure out what in the hay is going on with CM???):

Wes Thomsen
scrappedmovie.com |

Love ‘em or not, there are many factors in play between the economy, the leveling off of interest in scrapbooking ( less of a fad now and more of a passion for the dedicated ) and my personal opinion is that CM brought scrapbooking to an unprecedented level. I’ve met many great people at the corporate office and know that many people in the company ( like Rhonda Anderson for example ) will be teaching, encouraging and informing until their dying day regardless of who they’re affiliated with.

Wes Thomsen is someone I have admired ever since I saw the documentary film he made about scrapbooking and scrapbookers. It’s called “Scrapped” and you can learn all about it HERE. If you’ve seen the movie, you know why I like him so much, right? He’s this filmmaker who has a gal friend who scrapbooks. He’s intrigued about the whole “culture” of it, and decides to make a movie about it. Oh, did I mention he’s a biker dude? Anyways, Wes knows so much about CM because, for the movie, he toured their factory, interviewed Rhonda, got Scrap Hooked Up by a CM Consultant, etc.

If you’ve seen the movie, didn’t you love the part where he studs out his black CM tote and then goes strolling into a huge crop with his black leather jacket….and scrap tote?!?!? Just too awesomely funny for words….

If you haven’t seen “Scrapped,” whats a matta you? Go buy it HERE. Go read his BLOG and hear how he got screwed out of a scrapbooking cruise he won at CHA. Sad, sad story.

And thanks, Wes, for stopping by my little blog and taking the time to leave your thoughts. Rock on, Scrapper Dude…

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    How funny. I understand completely. I posted a technique once on my blog and Cambria Turnbow left me a comment. She’s an amazing rubber stamper and I reacted the same way. When someone you admire and watch from afar actually leaves a comment on your little ole blog, it just makes the day. So enjoy it!!!!

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    scrappysuzz says:

    What? There’s a MOVIE about scrapooking? I need to get out of the scraproom more often!!!!

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    Meaghan says:

    And now the tables have turned – I was shocked and amazed when you left a comment on my blog! I’ve been a fan for a while and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw your comment. I appreciated the sentiment, and had a “OMG! OMG! OMG!” moment that Miss Scrapbook Obsession somehow even found my little musings… :) Hooray for your illustrious following, and thanks for making me feel special.

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    Wow, kiddo, you REALLY do rock. Not that I ever doubted it.

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