There is a sweet lady who posts on the All Moments Remembered message board, goes by the name of “tomocus.” She posted today asking for us to help her nephew win a survey, and I thought I’d pass it on. HERE is her post about her nephew, who was the first round draft pick for the Anaheim Angels Major League Baseball team.

The poll is to vote for the first round player who is off to the best start in the Minors. HERE is the link where you vote. The poll is on the bottom left of the screen and to vote for him, click No. 24 Randal Grichuk. When I voted a few minutes ago, he was in second place! But he was a ways behind the #1 guy, so SCRAPPERS UNITE! Let’s put him over the top and then his Auntie Tomocus can tell him we helped him win, LOL!

Like I said on the AMR thread, we are baseball nuts in our family and we really like the players who work hard, not just take everything for granted. Randal shows up for batting practice 3 hours early every day and is putting the older guys to shame. He’s missing his family in Texas but is overcoming some obstacles and doing very well. Our younger players need good role models like Randal.
{And my LA Dodgers are stuck with him, ugh}.

Here are couple pictures I found of Randal, in case it motivates you to vote, LOL!

He’s a cutie! And, yes, I can say that because he IS street legal (age 18). {Please forgive me, Auntie Tomocus}. Go Randal! Ladies, I hope you will take just, literally, 10 seconds to go VOTE for him. Thanks!

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    He’s almost in the top spot now. Both have 30% of the votes – 225 votes to 230 votes! I voted!

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      Thank you, Dana! I think he’s going to take over the top spot! Woot woot!

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    He is a cutie! LOL

    Hey, did your Mikes get Thickers? Mine just put out a bunch of them this week… should go check!

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      Hi Melissa! Yep, and I’ve got photos, lol. The selection is slim but I hope they get more. I’ll post about them soon :)

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    stacey says:

    i just voted and hes def in first now. o and HELLO hot stuff haha :) hey im still young!!

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