So I guess, so far, the rumors of CK relocating to HSN are not true. They do indeed have a QVC day coming up. Above is the TSV (Today’s Special Value) and it comes in 2 color ways (color ways…impressive huh?…I picked that up from watching QVC…). You can order it now if you don’t want to miss out, or can’t watch when it airs. Lisa Bearnson shows this and other QVC items on her BLOG, and HERE is the link to the TSV on the Creating Keepsakes site.

Tim Holtz will also be THERE. I know several ladies who are already dreaming about seeing their Timmy, LOL. I liked the advice on the AMR message board…watch Timmy on QVC and see what he does with the stuff, then order all your Timmy products from Stacey at AMR.

Stephanie Barnard from Inque Boutique will also be on QVC…here is where she BLOGS about it. They will offer 2 sets of stamps (with 90 stamps in the main set!). One will be on-air and one will be off-air (you can order from the website) and she says quantities are limited. Ya might wanna pre-order if you’re interested. Thanks ANNE MARIE for the heads up!

So, about the TSV…I love SEI but I’m not a hybrid/digital girl, so I’ll be passing on this one. Will you be snatching it up??

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    Looks like I won’t be getting much work done on Tuesday!! ;)

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    I gotta admit that the hybrid intrigues me, and I’ve been playing around a whole lot more with that lately. I need to check it out and see if it fits my style! Thanks for the link, Erika!

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    I’m anti-digital/hybrid, too! I’ll check out the website but won’t get the TSV. Thanks for the head’s up!

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    IM a total sei hog I LOVE IT but Im not much of a digi scrappr. I do a LITTLE bit of hybrid but I am just too into my paper and have acquired too much to give up on it. I watched yesterday but didnt purchase. Im too broke to pay attention right now. I updated my blog with what I did while watching qvc scrap day lol

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