This was posted on the 2peas message board, and came from a Yahoo group … LUVS it!

Scrapbooking Rules of Acquisition – Rules to Live By

1. You want it, therefore you need it.

2. You need it, therefore you must buy it.

3. All other things you need including food, car insurance, and lunch money are incidental in comparison to what you need for scrapbooking.

4. “You can’t take it with you” applies only to money. Begin getting your loved ones accustomed to the fact that you intend to be buried with your scrapbooks.

5. If you think there is a ghost of a chance that you might use it in a future project, buy it now, because if you need it later, there won’t be a substitute.

6. A scrapbooker must purchase appropriate storage containers, shelves, bins, units, etc. all for scrapbook-related purchases.

7. A scrapbooker has the right and responsibility to discard all previously purchased storage systems in order to purchase a new more appropriate system at any time.

8. Scrapbooking is an inexpensive hobby. This can be proved by applying “Blondes Logic” to your purchases. For example, no hobby where the supplies usually cost under $100.00 can possibly be as expensive as big-ticket male hobbies such as restoring vintage cars, radio controlled planes etc. This just makes sense.

9. Scrapbooking actually saves money. Scrapbooking promotes do-it-yourself philosophy. By applying “Blondes Logic”, you can conclude you can’t afford not to scrapbook.

So the next time hubby gives you a hard time about your scrapbook spending, just show him this list and explain Blonde’s Logic. I’m sure he’ll get it then.

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    LOL! I resemble that post! ;-)

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    Thanks for the chuckle this AM! LOL!!
    I too belong in this club :)

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    1,3, and 5 definitely apply to me, and I’m working on #7! Too funny!

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    Teehee, saw this on 2Peas :)
    Funny as my hubby encourages me to buy my supplies.

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    Carolyn says:

    Timely, lol! Thanks for the giggle.

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    Amen Sista! That was too funny!

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    I saw this and thought it was so funny! I shared it with my husband and he said, “that is so you!” Love your blog by the way, you remind me of myself and so I laugh out loud when you refer to yourself as “anal”. I feel your pain. : )

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