For those of you with a Stickles addiction, I’m about to make your day. I present to you … the STICKLES SORT AND STORE!!

Stickles sort and store

Is that cool or what? My 3 favorite features:

1. It stores the bottles upside-down which is the preferred method for many Stickles luvahs.

2. You can leave the cover off to see all your pretty colors or you can put the cover on to take them to crops, or just to keep the dust off.

3. Speaking of pretty colors, you can line them all up in ROYGBIV order. Oh, be still my anal-retentive heart!

Okay, that’s 3 but I just thought of 2 more. So sue me.

4. You get 3 units in the set and can store up to 30 BOTTLES, people! {Don’t sit there all righteous and pretend you don’t have that many … we know you do}.

5. The Stickles Sort and Store can also hold other popular items like Liquid Pearl, Stampin Up ink pad refill, Claudine Helmuth Studio Mini Acrylic Paint, Mini Art, and Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink.

Oh crap. I thought of another one.

6. It’s only $24 for a set of 3 which hold 10 bottles each.

I’m thinking they’re a new item because Tiffany’s website, THE SCRAPRACK MULTI-CRAFT, says they ship January 17th.

I’m trying to decide if I should get a set or not. My Stickles are currently lined up on a stamp shelf above my desk. Let me go count my bottles … K, I’m back. I have “only” 18 :P So I’ll probably hold off for now but I’m glad to know about this great new scrapbook organizational item. When I make it to 30 bottles, I am SO getting this.

What do you think of the Stickles Sort and Store?

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    Debby says:

    This is a cutie. It reminds me of my granddaughter’s large legos.

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    That is so neat, I’ve got to check that out. Do they stack on top of each other or do they just have to sit next to each other?

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    Oh boy! I thinking I need this I have all of Claudine’s mini paints…sigh…will have to check it out! LOL!! Thanks….I think. LOL!!

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    Saw this last night looks like a great idea.

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    This thing looks great! But I have 4 bottles of Stickles tops!! (But I do have a few more bottles of Crayola glitter glue).

    As for me, I stuck some velcro on the wall, and the second part on the bottle, nice little line-up of colour on my gray paint!!

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    Hello! I just bought this. I do like the idea, but wish the design had been thought through more. If the base were just a bit taller then you could stack the units on top of each other. As it stands currently, the units won’t stack when filled with stickles. So, now I’m left to find a way to store them in the most efficient manner. I *think* I will stick a magnet to the back of each one and stick them to a bar mounted on the wall. They take up too much space otherwise…

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