Lots of changes going on in the scrapbooking industry these days. Just want to help you stay on top of it all. On the heels of the HEIDI SWAPP news…

Heidi Grace: She’s one of my favorite designers so I’m glad she’s back. Read about it HERE. Nothing is on her “clever” BLOG as of this posting, but maybe she will address it soon.

Luxe Designs: Unfortunately, Luxe Designs will close. Read all about it HERE. I don’t know much about Luxe, don’t own any of their products, but HERE is their site if, like me, you’re unfamiliar.

Chatterbox: As of last April, MELODY ROSS is no longer with Chatterbox, the company she founded. The news is HERE. She blogs about it HERE. I have always really admired Melody…even wrote about here HERE, way back in December 2007. I hope she’s doing okay and that all goes well in her transition.

A big Shout Out to Nancy Nally of SCRAPBOOK UPDATE, my favorite source for scrapbook industry news. Love that girl!

While I was searching around for any other industry news I could give ya, I found THIS. The article has no links, unfortunately, but it’s a good rundown of industry happenings this year. Depressing, I tell ya’…

I’m also very sad to see that one of my favorite stores, Santa Barbara Scrapbooks, is closing in August 2009. I couldn’t connect with their website (maybe down already?), but I did find THIS article about the closure. As you can see from the comments left by the owner Barbara, she is a lovely woman who ran a pretty cool store, in my opinion. SBS is not in my area, but any time I traveled through SBA, I made it a point to stop. Just for record, I always received great customer service :)

THIS post @ 2peas scared me for a second! But it turned out to be good news, as it sounds like K&Company is thriving, not closing. Finally, some good news…

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    Thanks for always keeping us posted about changs in the hobbie!!!

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