Lookie what I got at BIG LOTS the other day …


*NORMALLY, I would link to this album on the Basic Grey website (give them some free pub, dontcha know …). But their frickin’ frackin’ site wouldn’t let me copy the image of the album for my post. As I’ve griped about before. But actually, for all my general bitchin’, it HAS been a while since I carped about this particular issue … so it’s time again.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know … I’m welcome to use the “media approved” photos provided by these scrapbook companies, but that’s just a big pain in the ass. So I’ll just give the free publicity and link to the wonderful, awesome, and sharing 2 PEAS IN A BUCKET. Which is one of my favorite sites anyway, so I’m glad to share their link. I hope if you ever want to order Basic Grey, you’ll buy it from them ;)

Anyhow, the main point I had INTENDED to make with this post, before you got me all twitterpated, was this: I only paid 8 bucks for an album that retails for $24. For those of you who ~ like me ~ suck at math, that would be a 66% savings. Or roughly.

That’s all I found at my Big Lots. I wish you Happy Hunting. Please report back on your finds.

I mean, you can hog all the good items from your particular Big Lots. If you can sleep at night, you just go ahead. But at least have the decency to tell the rest of us what we need to look for in OUR store. You owe us that much. Besides, it will put your conscience right and you’ll be able to sleep even better.


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    With Big Lots (my husband calls them Odd Lots and he’s serious) you never know what you’re going to find!
    Thanks for sharing your “find” with all of us. I’m a brand new follower of your blog, and I love it. As, I too, am fluent in sarcasm, I can totally identify with your brand of humor and writing. Keep it up! Good stuff!

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    LOL! DH calls Big Lots “Odd Lots”, too! (And yes, he’s serious as well.) Love the scrapbook! Unfortunately I can never find deals like that at my local BL. Have fun with your loot! :-)

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    Crap, just when I put myself on a self imposed spending hiatus until I get caught up on my layouts. Beautiful album and congrats on your great buy! :)

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    Wow! Awesome find and for only 8 bucks!! If only my BL would update their buyer…no disrespect intended if you are a BL buyer, but I’m thinking here in Louisiana, our buyer must only be buying what interests them and from the looks of the store, outdoor sports, outdoor garden gadgets, outdoor pots,..did I mention outdoor stuff? Not much in the way of good scrappy stuff. LOL! So sorry for the frustration in posting a link to BG-but hey, 2peas will definitely enjoy the free linkage!!

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    Hey girlie! I finally got my mojo back after several months of non creativity. It made me think of you so I wanted to pop over and say HI!

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    Marjolaine is so pretty

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    Ohh! What a great find! The big Lots near me is hit or miss. On occasion I find some great stuff. Hmm..I may just have to make a trip out there.

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    Candy says:

    What the heck is Big Lots? You guys should be grateful you have those big stores. We don’t have Michaels or Joanns. We have tiny LSS and have to pay big $$$ for shipping to Hawaii. Of course, it is paradise, but I’m just saying…

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    Emily says:

    Ill never forget when i found cricuit cartridges at BL…oh i fell on the floor… (literally, they were hanging low on the pegboard rack) and had to dig dig dig.. and found 3 or 4 i didnt have… :D i must go to BL this week…

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