I came across THIS article and cool blog about green crafting, and realized I’ve never written about the subject of “green” scrapbooking. So I thought I’d share some resources, ideas, and articles I found. I have to go against Kermit the Frog here and say, “It IS easy being green.” (Oh man, that was SO bad, I can’t believe I wrote it … ugh… LOL).

Here’s an online store called CREATIVELY GREEN. They carry eco-friendly crafting supplies, including 100% recycled textured cardstock that just might be a good option for this BAZZILL girl … hmmm …

How to Find Green Scrapbooking Supplies, an eHow article

Green Scrapbooking with Paint Chips, also from the Crafting a Green World blog

HERE are some great tips on green scrapbooking by ALI EDWARDS.

THIS is kinda’ neat … an online store called TROPICAL SCRAPBOOKING has a whole page on their site listing the things they’re doing as a company to be green. Now that’s a good kinda’ business to support! Bravo to them :)


…by DCWV, again from the Crafting a Green World blog (man, that place is chock full of green-ness!)… DCWV also has the ECO STACK

… which I think is SEI every time I see it, lol … must be the font style … so very SEI, don’t you think?).

The SCRAPBOOK PANTRY online store has an entire section of RECYCLED PAPERS!

HERE is an article from SCRAPBOOK UPDATE that has a list of major scrapbook manufacturers who have gone green. Check out the links down at the bottom and in the comments section, too.

Apparently, this is a heavily covered topic ‘cuz I found loads of links about it. If you’re interested in reading more, just Google “green scrapbooking” and see what you can find!

I have to admit this is not a topic I’ve thought or done a lot about (don’t shoot me, JINGLE!). But I’m generally a frugal/practical person, so I don’t go out of my way to be wasteful and have always done things like saving my paper scraps for other uses (cards, journaling spots, Cricut letters). I also save and re-use most of the packaging and boxes from my MEMORY WORKS orders, and I’ve been known to cut designs (like cute hearts or something) from scrapbook packaging and use it on my pages.

The one thing I refuse to do under pressure of being green is converting to digital scrapbooking. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. But now that I see it in writing, I guess I’m doing pretty good with my scrappy green-ness and will just keep doing what I’m doing. I should also make an effort to consciously BE a green scrapper and see what else I can do better.

Is green scrapbooking important to you? Have you changed any scrapping habits or purchasing in an effort to be more green? Or is it not even on your scrappy radar?

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    I won’t shoot you, just encourage you to USE THOSE SCRAPS! LOL!

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    I haven’t used the “Green” paper yet but my SIL has. It was nice to work with.

    I do use my scraps up and am always picking through my SIL’s scrap pile as she tends to throw to many usable one out.

    Now I don’t know if it is a matter of going green, or that I am just cheap LOL

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    ooohhh…I just used that DCWV green stack in a banner on my blog. I love it. The cute little birds and all of the pretty goodness in that stack. I am constantly recycling the paper that I don’t use for something else. I have a Priority mail box next to my trash can to collect the paper for recycling.

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    I like the green paper packs you posted. I’d use them because they are pretty AND green!

  5. […] has posted a list of resources for those interested in going green with their scrapbooking. Click here to go to article You may also […]

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    thanks for the article! for me its hugely important! I keep any scrap of paper to do cards, tiny tags, to fake patchwork on m envelopes… enything!

    Going green has to be more then just aply these ideals on our scraoboking and craft work, but we have to incorpore this in our daily basis, on every little move we make!
    its not about being obssessed or nuts, its about being conscient and critic obout our actions and the way they affect the enviroment, the others and ourselves.

    well… just want to say that i think its very important that you brougth the subject up!

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