Just thought I’d share the latest BASIC GREY scrapbook releases and see what you think.

HERE is the catalog to their new lines:

Green at Heart
Max & Whiskers
Sugar Rush

Release dates, as far as I can tell, are:

Sugar Rush and Origins ~ Already available (MEMORY WORKS has them HERE)

Green at Heart and Kioshi ~ Shipping very soon

Basics, Cappella, and Max & Whiskers ~ Shipping in April 2010

It figures that the 2 lines that I like the best ~ Basics and Cappella ~ are available last :( I’m really liking Basics with all the graph and lined papers. Cappella is sure pretty and I love the colors. The only one I really don’t care for is Origins and I finally figured out why, now that I’ve seen the entire line together in the catalog … it’s the emerald green … which actually happens to be one of my favorite colors, it just doesn’t mix well here for me.

THIS is where the Peas are talking about it. Like with every new line by every company, there are lovers and haters, and some that just say “meh.”

If you’re looking for layouts and inspiration for these new lines, check out blogs by KELLY GOREE, LAYLE KONCAR, and the January BG NEWSLETTER.

For all you fellow BG LUVAHS out there … did you know there’s a Basic Grey Challenges BLOG? Check it, home slice!

What do you think of the Basic Grey new releases? Do you have any Origins or Sugar Rush yet? Do you plan to buy any of the remaining lines?

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    I’m loving the two ur waiting for as well. I think I might like some of green at heart but probably not all of it. I didn’t care much for the two already released but did pick up one sheet of the black origins paper that looks like it’s die cut. It’s actually gorgeous.

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    Cassie says:

    I actually already have Sugar Rush and Origins. I have used some Sugar Rush but haven’t touched my Origins yet. But it is beautiful in person. I am looking forward to Green at Heart and Kioshi. I would like to see the basics in person before I decide. I do like that the basic packs come in three different colors…hard to decide which one I might “need”.

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    I like what I’m seeing! Thanks for the link.

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    Some I really like.

    I don’t think that I have ever used Basic Grey. I hear everyone raves about it though.


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    firecrackermama says:

    I’m most excited about Basics. I like some of Green at Heart. That’s really all, though. I’m not a huge BG junkie like most :)

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