Just a quick post, because I feel guilty when days go by and I haven’t yakked about anything :) I’m hosting 2 all-day crops tomorrow and Saturday (8am to midnight, both days). Seems no matter how much I get done ahead of time, no matter how many items I check off the To Do list, I’m up all night before my crops getting ready! Oh well, I have so much fun at the crops and have such wonderful friends to spend scrap time with, that I stay awake and happy on just a couple of hours sleep.

Can I say thank you SO MUCH for all the great comments about my business name?? That is so awesome and they are great to read. Scrappers are, yes, a very creative bunch and you make me smile :)

On a down note, it was finally confirmed at work today that they plan to close the facility I work at (part-time in a clerical job). It’s been a rumor for months, so I had already started to look around at other jobs. The closure will be completed by June 30, 2008…so now I’m hardcore job hunting again. It’s all very complicated but the heart of the matter is that this job has allowed me to be home with my kids more; finding another one like it in pay and hours will be virtually impossible. I’m about to have a breakdown from worrying that I’ll have to go back to work full-time. I have noticed such a difference in our family, our kids, my “self”, our happiness since I’ve been home more and it breaks my heart to think about us being back on that full-time treadmill. I know this blog ain’t about me, but if you feel like saying a little prayer for me I would truly appreciate it.

Okay, now I have 4 hours of computer work, then several more of getting ready for the crop (make goody bags, pack car, make brownies,…), so I’d better get on it! Hope you’re able to get some scrapping done this weekend!

PS: As for the Organizational Challenge, it officially ends this Sunday 1/6/08. However, I certainly won’t be holding anyone to the deadline as I won’t be meeting it myself. Unfortunately, job searching and financial planning has had to take over. I’ll continue to post my scrap space organizing progress and hope you will do the same. I will complete the RAK for the business name suggestions after I finish up the crop, probably Sunday or Monday. Thank you, sweeties, for understanding…

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    consider yourself prayed for ;-) Have you researched “Virtual assistant”? A friend of mine told me about how it is a growing ‘thing’ a few years ago — you seem to be pc-savvy — and I don’t know what kind of clerical stuff you do, but it might be something to look into…?

    Just a thought — happy cropping this weekend… wish I was going to an all-weekend crop!

    Carrie in Arizona

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    Lisa says:

    I will definitely be praying for your job situation. I will be in a similar situation soon. I want to be there for my kids too. Hang in there and keep the faith.

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    sometimes even when it seems its never going to go your way, a door opens…. be on the lookout for it! Sending happy thoughts your way.

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    Erika HUGE HUGS!!!! I am sorry about the job. Have you ever thought about working at the schools? I had to get a job outside the house this past year. I was like you and just sick about it. I applied at my kids school and got in. They ride to work with me and come home with me. I see them during the day and at lunch. I have all the same days off. Ribbon Junkie on the MB also does the same thing. It is not the best pay but there are benifits too. It is hard to work out side the house even with what I have. I now have no time for all the little extras. But at least I am doing the same hours as the kids. I hope it works out for you and the perfect job comes along. HUGS!

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    Joyce says:

    Hi ~Erika~
    I went into a mild panic when i realized it was the 6th and my living room still looked the same! I walked into my Studio Niche today and realized that your challenge was about the scrap area and so i know that I did complete it to the best of my ability at this point…as I go through the stuff in my living room and put back the stuff i took out( in my hubby’s office), I’ll have to move a few things around, but that’s the nature of making things work. My space is a bit messy because i’ve been doing the New Year crop at CKMB this weekend -however, I’ve been putting things back where they belong as I go. {{{hugs}}} and prayers

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