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I wanted to show you THIS THREAD that started at CKMB Happy Hour lastnight. I just checked it again to see if there were more responses, and there were some very compelling ones. Wish I had time to write my thoughts on the matter. (Shizzle!) But read through this and tell me yours please…

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    Oh my gosh, I didn’t see that post. I am always behind and it frustrates me too. But I would never quit. I actually found that going to retreats a couple of times a year and doing a lot at once really works best for me. Throughout the rest of the year, I scrap a page here and there when I feel inspire, make cards, alter thing, buy stuff (LOL) to keep my mojo going.
    Oh and BTW, to the best of your knowledge, is that a complete list of the CKMBers blogs? I am probably going to use your blog as a reference point to add more links to mine.

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    We were behind the moment we started scrapbooking! Don’t let that discourage you. Scrap what inspires, not what’s next chronologically. You’ll end up chronicalling the memories that matter most to you :)

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    Sometimes I go in my scrap room and feel so over whelmed that I have so many pictures that aren’t in LO’s yet. But then again, I say – well I have plenty to keep me busy ;)

    I don’t do chronological because I think that would really make things worse. I do a little here and there and when I get tired of that trip, I work on a another one.

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