I love SCRAPSCENE, I love SCRAPSCENE! (Yeppers, two links for the price of one). I get their daily e-mail, and they always point me to the best scrap happenings. Today I found the most coolest LSS via ScrapScene…By Design Scrapbook Boutique. Mind you, it’s in Houston so it’s not like I can visit in person. But it’s a beautiful store just to look at, and I can see why it’s such a success.HERE is the write-up and review of the store posted on ScrapScene. I love the image of the shoppers with their noses up against the glass. HERE is the owner Tracy’s blog.

Here are some photos of the store, so you can see what I’m drooling over…

I love the name and the whole concept of the store, combining a fabulous looking designer showroom with scrapbooking. Because, as you know, design and scrapbooking overlap in so many ways. The pink, black and white color scheme is brilliant and yummy.

I wish I could click together the heels of my ruby slippers (um, yes, I DO wear them around the house, as a matter of fact!) and end up inside this fabulous store in Houston, Texas. C’mon readers, wherever YOU are, let’s all click our heels and meet up there!

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    I’m on the daily mail of Scrap Scene too… ANd when I saw this LSS, I was totally impressed with the elegance I saw….. On their site there’a a picture of a chair for customers to sit in…. How I wanted to sit in that chair and take everything in that I could see from there before heading in to see the rest of the gorgeous eye candy…. They had a grand vision and succeded in portraying that…… Great write up, Erika……

    Patti M (AMR MBR)
    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!

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    I live right down the street from this store and have never been in there. Funny that I accidently came across your blog & that peeked my interest when I pass it all the time and have never even stopped. I’ll visit next time I pass though.

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    Eileen says:

    Me!Me!Me! I wanna go too! People could hear my gasp for miles around when I saw those pics! Oh. My. Gawd. And Felicia writes that she lives down the street and has NEVER been in there? Isn’t that a crime in Texas? Oh.My.Gawd.

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    wow! I love how elegant it is.

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