I am NOT even kidding you! I know, you wanna’ Elaine-from-Seinfeld me, right? You wanna’ push me really hard and say, “GET. OUT!” But I am SO serial.

I of course first heard about this from The Peas. I think they were a wee bit excited, since they talked about it HERE, HERE, and HERE. Yeah, no less than THREE threads in a week about “Basic Grey at Big Lots!!!!!!” We Peas have lost our ever lovin’ minds over this.

Okay, do you remember how MY Big Lots pretty much *sux*? The whole Thickers thing really soured me. We got, like, 5 packs total that were alphas (as opposed to the shapes which I have less than zero use for). I tried and tried and tried. Scrappers from all over the US of A were finding them at their Big Lots, I think for $1 or $2 per pack. But noooooo … not me. Not the Biggest Thickuh Luvah Evah. I couldn’t find any for months and when I finally did, they were, well, meh. I mean, I bought them of course because we’re talkin’ THICKERS here, people! But it was anticlimactic at best.

So when I heard the online screams of “Basic Grey at Big Lots!!!” … I was, like, “Yeah, whatevs.” I figured I’d check if I were ever in that area of town for something else but I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself and stalk BL like I did for the Thickers. Okay, well, and the cheap Cricut cartridges. What’s that saying? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I’m nobody’s sucker.

So I did burn rubber over to Big Lots in search of BG. It was more like a leisurely stroll. I restrained myself for, oh, a whole day before I manufactured a reason … erm … remembered something I really really really needed in the same mall as Big Lots, and then I finally went.

You’re never going to guess: I hit the jackpot! Not only did my BL have the BG, I got some other cute things, too. I know you’re only here for the eye candy and not my wicked frickin’ wit, so here ya go … PICTURES! I didn’t want to make you wait another day so you have to deal with the bad lighting because I took these pics Tuesday night. For YOU.

My entire Big Lots haul for 42 dollahs, baby!

Basic Grey “Eerie” doilies and “Sugar Rush” alphas

White gift bags which I love for wrapping gifts cuz I get creative with the ribbons and tags; only 30 cents a bag.

Basic Grey “Undressed” naked chipboard alpha and “Indian Summer” chip stickers

Basic Grey rub-ons, painted brads, glazed brads, pops, epoxy, writer’s block, take note, ribbon, and bling it on – various lines.

Happy Pear jelly stickers in “Birthday Words” and “Friends Words.”

Creative Imaginations “Signature Collection” metal brads

That’s a lot of scrap crap for only $42, huh? I was quite happy with my purchase. It’s been a while since I’ve scored like this. I was due. Am I right?

I also have some Michaels photos for next time … the cute new Spring stuff they have on the shelves, and the 2 Cricut cartridges I got for $9.99 each from last week’s big sale.

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    Thanks so much for the heads up at Big Lots. They just opened one around teh corner from me, I’ll have to check it out.

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    ok, I’m sooooo jealous!! But I wish you all the fun with your new goodies..lol

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    sharla says:

    Wow..SCORE!!! I’m gonna have to check my Big Lots asap…I usually don’t find anything good at my store either, hopefully that will change!

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    Nice haul!
    GAH! You enabler you! Lolzz, now I need to check my BL..

  5. avatar

    Thanks for sharing – I’ve got to tell my friend that we need to go to BL today!

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    Dang it, I KNEW I shouldn’t have looked at the photos. I avoided the Peas threads. Now I have no choice. I MUST go to Big Lots tomorrow……. They better have the goods! LOL :)

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    what fab goodies! glad you were able to score something you really love! i haven’t been to my BL yet, but dh checked when he was there and *said* he didn’t see anything. i might just have to run over and see for myself soon. ;)

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    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now I MUST MUST MUST check out the new Big Lots near me! LOL I have held off, but if there’s a chance I’ll score me some BG…. I’m headin’ over there tmrw AM right after my morning walk… oh wait… maybe I’ll forgo my walk… no, I can’t… I’ll go after. LOL :-) Thanks for the tip!
    -Doreen at https://whereisyourhappyplace.blogspot.com

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    Katie Scott says:

    A while back I bought about 100 packs of American Crafts for $1 each – and I’m still using them on almost every layout I make. It was a lucky find, lately I’ve been trying to spend less so despitey BG love I’m going to try to stay away from BL – but thanks for the info :)

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