In case you needed another excuse to get to Michaels (other than the 50% off coupons and the Martha Stewart punches from my last post), they have some new things on the Designer Scrapbooking island. Mine was mostly empty, but there were random new things…I assume they’ll be filling in the blanks soon. If they don’t, I’ll have to have My People call Their People for a little convo. There were some new SEI embellies called Black Orchid and one other line. Very cute epoxy stickers and rub ons but I didn’t see any papers. Some cute new stuff by Amy Butler for K&Co. If you have a purse fetish, you’ll want to see the 3-D purse stickers, and there were also some pretty pretty rub-ons. It’s all packaged in kraft paper which is a cool and different look, and the rub-ons were cheap, I think only $1.99. On the end cap, there was a bunch of new Prima stuff….6×6 and 12×12 paper pads, and a variety of flowers. So all of you who’ve been hoping Mike’s would get Primas, the Scrapbook Fairy has granted your wish! There were 3 sizes…the little milk bottles, and 2 others. A variety of colors and they are very cute ones, some solid, some with the white or cream background and script writing on them. If I can find pics of all this stuff online, I’ll post them here later today. Have you been to Mike’s recently and seen anything new that I didn’t mention? If so, it’s your duty to enable us…so spill it.

ETA: Okay, I’ve been scouting. Apparently, SEI Black Orchid is a big secret because even their own website doesn’t show any….shhhhhh…it’s a sekwet. Okay, quick rant…if you’re a scrapbook company, you NEED to put pics of ANYTHING you have in circulation on your website immediately. No excuses. We are not patient people. We must blog and message board about it ASAP. No pictures, no dice! I promise you…you will sell more if you post pictures we can oogle. End of rant.

I found this photo thanks to “maddiesmom” at SplitCoastStampers MB:

Here are the Amy Butler purse stickers; they are Grand Adhesions so really nice quality and 3D. They are much more impressive in person:

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    wow – I didn’t even see those at my Mikes when I was there earlier. I like those just have to make a return trip tomorrow. LOL

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    OH my goodness. I don’t even like the color purple, but those primas are gorgeous! :)

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    i’m with joscie on the purple . . . not my favorite, but these are beautimous!! my mike’s doesn’t have an area like this . . . just miles & miles of martha stewart!!

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    Christine had some of the new amy butler line on her blog and of course that sent me on a mission to michaels.I bought most of that line.I even got those little purses and other yummys.
    Did you get any?

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    Phyllis says:

    Just happened to be in the neighborhood of my Michael’s store and found the Designer Scrapbook Island filled with this new stuff!! Alot was gone but I managed to get the 8X8 paper paks of both the SEI lines…Black Orchid and Oasis. Both are truly beautiful papers and I even managed to get all the embellishment that I wanted. Oasis is more Middle Eastern in it’s design and the colors are more earthy. The Black Orchid is vibrant with its’ greens, turqs, blacks and oranges..but it is very nicely done. The new Amy Butler line was beautiful too, and double sided! I already have a line like that, so I passed. The Prima flowers were absolutely beautiful as well and at 6.99 for the large jar, plus my 20% coupon off on everything, I had a great time. Didn’t even know that these lines were coming out til I got in the store.

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