If you haven’t “Gone Vertical” yet, you really should. Once you go vertical, you will never go back, LOL. I became a convert after buying my first Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Holder a couple years ago. I now have, oh gosh, don’t make me count! Let’s just say “several,” okay? I use them for my own papers, and also to hold and display the scrapbook products I sell at crops. They make it so easy to rifle through and find what you’re looking for without crumpling the edges of your papers. It’s also much easier to organize and put away your papers this way, than with horizontal storage where you have to page your way down the stack to where you want to be, and either it shove it in there or remove the top of the stack and replace it when you’re done. Ok, there, have I sold you?


Thanks to wakeski/Trish from the CKMB MESSAGE BOARD, I can tell you about a great deal on the CH vertical holders right now. Follow THIS LINK to Joanns.com to find these babies at the great price of only $3.59 each (regularly $5.99). The MB girls tell me you can choose either free shipping or 10% off your order, whichever saves you the most money. But I put one in a cart and it showed regular shipping of $6.95. Maybe there’s a promo code I need?

ETA 4/21/08: Thanks to Miss Yu, and in case you don’t see the info she left in Comments, here are the codes:

“Just wanted to let you & your readers know; the promo codes for the Joann.com sale are as follows:
10% off your whole order: EGC118
Free shipping on orders over $25: EBC118
Both codes are good through 4/27/08.

Miss Yu”

If you’re still on the fence, read the reviews (scroll down from the earlier link I gave ya’) from all the happy customers at Joann’s. It’s rare to find a product with only positive reviews. Well, okay, there was one negative review but it sounds to me like she didn’t have them assembled right; she complained about tabs and seams ripping the papers and nothing like that has ever happened to me. Possibly she didn’t tuck the tabs in properly?

Here are some photos I found of CH Vertical Storage in use.


Photo by CollageChic

From article by Tracy Eller on about.com

One tip: When you go to label the front of the holders, you may get frustrated that labels don’t stick, especially those hard plastic labels by Dymo. I’ve found that making labels with any kind of P-Touch label maker stick perfectly. I make them a little bit longer than the width of the front so I can wrap the ends of the label around the sides by about a 1/2 inch. All mine have been labeled this way and have never come “unstuck,” even when I carry them back and forth from crops, although the labels do remove easily if you want to re-label them.

So tell me, have you Gone Vertical or any plans to do so?

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    Just wanted to let you & your readers know; the promo codes for the Joann.com sale are as follows:

    10% off your whole order: EGC118

    Free shipping on orders over $25: EBC118

    Both codes are good through 4/27/08.

    Miss Yu

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    jenn says:

    I use these and love them!

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    I haven’t used these yet…I just haven’t decided how to do my scraproom yet and I will be moving in the summer so I will wait until then…they look so neat and organized too.

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    Sabrina says:

    Went vertical and love it! Never will go back either! :)

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    Thanks for the push to “go vertical”…one question for the masses…how to you “organize” your papers. For solids color is clearly it, but what about for patterned paper? Some are a color, but many are truly multi color (basic grey, cosmo cricket, etc). Need some inspiration before I trash my whole room to reorganize–hoping you can provide pointers! Thanks!

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    Hi Kim ~ Here’s what I do…I found that I like to keep all my “brand” stuff together, so I have some vertical files by brand name, i.e the ones I own a lot of like Basic Grey, Cosmo, Wild Asparagus, etc. I also use them to sort regular cardstock by color (rainbow order), then my precious Bazzill by color. Any papers beyond that I file in my ScrapRack by theme (vacation, birthday, etc). And anything else goes in my filer cube drawer by color. These would be the papers that AREN’T a favorite brand, and aren’t themed, like nature prints, flowers, geometric, etc. They are the hardest to file; you just have to pick a dominant color and go with it, LOL! HTH and would love to hear how others use theirs…

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    You don’t have to sell me sister, I’m already there. I love these too. I’ll have to try your tip for the labels though. I have been frustrated in the past, and I just stopped labeling all together. I actually have a ton of CH stuff. They rock. Thanks for the label tip!

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