ETA 4/9/10: Article deleted – please go see Scrapbook

Another great update by Nancy Nalley ~ love that girl! She writes about it in a way that even this techno-challenged scrapper can understand and remains objective in her reporting.

Since my FIRST POST on this issue last night, I’ve been thinking about and changing my opinion slightly thanks to discussions at 2PEAS and SCRAP SISTERS. Also, check out the comments on each of Nancy’s posts. There is WAY more to this than I could imagine!

Basically, what I’ve learned is that I don’t know enough about the technicalities and legalities to have an informed opinion, LOL! But I still feel, at a gut level, that what Make the Cut did was morally wrong and possibly illegal. I’ve been set straight on SCAL (thank you, Nancy!) and it sounds like a whole different set of circumstances.

Any comments from you?

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    Interesting issue – I appreciate you exploring it in an easy-to-understand way. Now if only someone would make software so that I could add fonts to an SD card to use with my Slice, we would really have something!

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    Nicolette says:

    I don’t have one of those nice cutting machines – not that I don’t want one, I’m just still sitting on the fence gazing at the different brands as if they were prime cuts of cattle out to pasture- thus a lot of the whole concept of cartridge backup is way over my head. I assume it means if something happened to my cartridge I would be able to restore it on the website being sued? Honestly, the reason I’m on the fence still is because if I lay down that much cash for a new machine, I don’t want anything that makes me buy more ‘stuff’ for it— otherwise it’s just another Sizzix only fancier in my wee mind.

    As for the idea of ripping copies of my DVDs and CDs, I know it’s oh so naughty (cause another pop artist needs my 14 bucks more than I need to put groceries under my roof) but I’ve done it. Most popular reason I do it is when I make a copy of MY disk (as in one I PAID for) and keep it in my car so I can keep the original from getting destroyed. Really, a CD costs pennies to manufacture, maybe a few bucks to wrap up the whole thing, another couple for the advertising when broken down my the piece, and the artist doesn’t even get a whole lot from each CD. Maybe if the big companies thought about lowering the cost to the consumer we wouldn’t rip CDs, or just buy the one song we like for our Ipod/Iphone/I-whatever.

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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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