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LOVE! They’re very STUDIO CALICO to me, which is another company whose stuff I almost always love. I like how BG has been releasing 2 collections together that are different but complement each other so well.

I also like these departures from “matchy-matchy” papers. Somehow they manage to make totally different designs and colors look like they go together. When I see lines like this on layouts, they’re always eye catching.

I’ll be getting these Basic Grey collections for sure. I love them both . . . but “Fact” slightly more. You put a composition notebook and chevrons on something, and I’m SO there.

What do you think of these 2 new collections so far?

ETA 09/29/12: Welllll . . . I found some more images for “Fact” and “Fiction”, and it appears that it’s not TWO new lines but ONE new line called “Fact & Fiction” with 2 paper pads and shared embellishments. Wait ’til you see!

So should I be thrilled or scared that I absolutely ADORE this entire “Fact & Fiction” line?!?!? Yikes. Must have about 90% of this. Word on the street is that it will be exclusively sold at Joann craft stores and be part of a Studio Calico kit. I haven’t confirmed that yet . . . just hearing the rumors.

If so, I’ll be BEGGIN’ someone near a Joann’s to pick up all these goodies for me! Gotta’ have it.

Okay, so NOW what do you think of “Fact & Fiction”? A must have or a no go?

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    lisa c. says:

    Thanks for posting this Erika! I LOVE it all!! The colors and designs are great and yes, it does remind me of SC too.

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    Hmmm. My comment disappeared. Looks great to me!

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    i cant wait i hope rumor is true i love mixing kraft paper and embellies

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