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Basic Grey Sneak Peeks: “Fact & Fiction” … Which One or Both?

On the way from BASIC GREY . . .



LOVE! They’re very STUDIO CALICO to me, which is another company whose stuff I almost always love. I like how BG has been releasing 2 collections together that are different but complement each other so well.

I also like these departures from “matchy-matchy” papers. Somehow they manage to make totally different designs and colors look like they go together. When I see lines like this on layouts, they’re always eye catching.

I’ll be getting these Basic Grey collections for sure. I love them both . . . but “Fact” slightly more. You put a composition notebook and chevrons on something, and I’m SO there.

What do you think of these 2 new collections so far?

ETA 09/29/12: Welllll . . . I found some more images for “Fact” and “Fiction”, and it appears that it’s not TWO new lines but ONE new line called “Fact & Fiction” with 2 paper pads and shared embellishments. Wait ’til you see!

So should I be thrilled or scared that I absolutely ADORE this entire “Fact & Fiction” line?!?!? Yikes. Must have about 90% of this. Word on the street is that it will be exclusively sold at Joann craft stores and be part of a Studio Calico kit. I haven’t confirmed that yet . . . just hearing the rumors.

If so, I’ll be BEGGIN’ someone near a Joann’s to pick up all these goodies for me! Gotta’ have it.

Okay, so NOW what do you think of “Fact & Fiction”? A must have or a no go?

Memory Works: Time for Another Simple Stories Kit!!!

With the amazing success of the first Simple Stories kit by Memory Works – LIFE DOCUMENTED ~ it’s now time for the next Simple Stories kit. Woot woot!

MEMORY WORKS will be giving sneak peeks all this week on the SIMPLE STORIES BLOG, so if anyone is looking for me, I’ll be over there, LOL.

Now, I don’t know if THIS is a sneak peek in itself – what do you think?

I was thinking maybe the colors and school-lined paper here were some hints to what the new line will look like. Hmmm … I mean, I don’t have any insider info or anything, so that’s total speculation on my part. I’m just glad reveal time is almost here and that I finally get to see the next kit in the SIMPLE STORIES line. Hallelujah!

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