Let me say this another way…all Cricut cartridges at Michaels are only $40, through August 2, 2008! Yep, you heard me right! Here’s the deets, as copy/pasted from the e-mail I just got:

“Expand the realm of possibilities for your scrapbooking and paper crafting endeavors!

All Cricut® Cartridges —
Only $40 Each

Create one-of-a-kind layouts and cards, and even help your children with their school projects. Cricut cartridges are designed to work exclusively with any Cricut personal electronic cutter, and now you can save 50%. This special price is a limited-time offer, so make sure you get to Michaels by August 2, 2008.

To give you an even bigger advantage, if you buy any three Cricut cartridges at Michaels, receive a free DesignStudioTM from Cricut. The Cricut DesignStudioTM software lets you bring creativity to a new and exciting level.”

Wow, so for $120 you can get 3 cartridges and DesignStudio. Sounds like a ravin’ deal. Who’s gonna’ take them up on it? I may get a cartridge or two, but I’m pretty happy with the ones I have. I got a few when they went on sale for $40 at Walmart awhile back, so I have 5 or 6 now. How about you?

Oh, and HERE is the link for the coupon for 20% off your entire regularly priced purchase through 8-2-08. Excludes Cricut products but not Martha Stewart. Me, I never find anything to spend those on that seems worth it – do you?

ETA 7/28/08: Look at Kristi’s comment below. I took her suggestion and changed the title of this post, LOL!

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    I wouldnt know what to do with a cricut if I had one….

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    I was at my Michaels yesterday and they did have the sale and a surprisingly large selection of cartridges. They also had the Solutions carts – I wanted the home decorating one and was stoked!


    They’re regularly priced $49.99, and not only are they not 50% off, they also aren’t $40.

    So while I know you’re going off your best info, I think that if I we’re you I’d change the title of the post to “(Almost) All Cricut Cartridges at Michaels 50% Off”! :)

    Thanks for the awesome blog!

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