Wow, this is my 300th post to Scrapbook Obsession since I started it in January 2007! And I’m coming up on 200,000 Total Views. That is so super duper kewl!!! I noticed y’all aren’t leaving as many Comments as before. Are you mad at me for not posting as often as I used to? Sorry, life has been a bit hectic but I have a little summer break here so I hope to post more often again :) Would love to hear from YOU more….

I always look at my Blog Stats because I find it interesting to see where you have clicked here from, or what you Googled on that led you here. In a lot of ways, it guides me in what to write about. I’ve noticed that many of you found me by searching for Cricut information and, since that’s one of my favorite topics too, time for another Cricut post! And I have the perfect thing :) My Scrap Pal, Gay, from AMR posted this on the message board about a week ago and I’m so excited to share it with you (yeppers, I got her permission first, LOL). Here ya go – she said:

“I went to a class this week to learn more about using my Cricut… things that I didn’t know like changing the blade! Another thing she suggested was to tear out the other language instructions in the booklet that comes with each cartridge. I hate thumbing through French, German and Spanish to get to the ENGLISH instructions! I did tear the other pages out of each booklet and you wouldn’t believe how much room that saved… I must have torn out about 4 inches worth of paper!!!

One of the girls at the class showed us this darling tote that she picked up at Michaels. I’ve seen them before, but didn’t realize that it would be just the right thing to organize my Cricut carts. It’s made by Scrap Paper Scissors. It is $16.95, but would be something great to use a Mike’s 40% off coupon! Here’s how I have my cartridges organized… (and yes, I have a bunch of carts!) ”

And HERE is the entire thread if you want to click over and read it. But don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think of Gay’s wonderful tips and her storage idea. I’ll be here waiting for you, passing the time by ripping apart all my Cricut instruction books…

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    For the LOVE! I’m gunna go hunt one down tomorrow!
    I guess you already know how I feel about the Storage Binder. Blah.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Loves, Emilie Ahern

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    This would be a Great gift idea, too – for someone who has many cricut carts!!

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    oh that is adorable and so perfect!! I MUST have one!

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