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Tim Holtz – More Coming to Michaels

I just saw in an ad in the new Memory Makers that Tim Holtz “Stampers Anonymous” is coming to Michaels in March! I know there’s a lot of Timmy fans out there. HERE is a blog post from Timmy where he gives sneak peeks of Stampers Anonymous stamps to be shown at CHA 2009. Don’t know if any/all of those will be at Mike’s….twill be interesting to see. Here is my favorite set from that post, just to whet your appetite:

Yep, two of my favorite men: Mike and Timmy! Will you be stalking Mike’s in March for these pretty babies?

Scrapbooking on “Extreme Home Makeover” Again

I remember way back HERE when scrapbooking played a role in an episode of ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover.” Well, I was watching tonight and see it was mentioned again.

Here is an article I found about the show, where I learned that Creative Memories was part of the makeover ~ how cool!

Creative Memories Joins ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
To design new home and new memories for brave family
ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Local independent sales consultant Sherri Plessinger has announced that the company she represents, Creative Memories, had a hand in making the new home featured in an upcoming episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” a dream come true for Carol Girard and her four children in Voluntown, Conn.

Pinnacles of their community, the Girard family has always volunteered to help the poor, the elderly and local children by orchestrating several annual fundraisers. In August 2007, the Girards were volunteering at a fundraiser for their church when they learned a fire had completely destroyed their home. Then in June 2008, tragedy struck again when father Tom and eldest son Marc both drowned in a swimming accident. Carol and the children have lived in a tent, a pop-up camper and, finally, Carol’s mother’s home ever since.

Plessinger said Creative Memories helped design a scrapbooking themed bedroom for the family’s 15-year-old daughter, Jacqueline, who loves scrapbooking and photography. Wall displays, digital memory books, photo-safe albums and accessories were among the many products donated by the company. “I’m so glad we were able to provide Jacqueline with the tools she needs to pursue one of her favorite activities,” said Plessinger.

“It was an honor for Creative Memories to be part of this effort to bring hope to a family who has suffered such immeasurable loss,” said Creative Memories founder Rhonda Anderson. “Our hearts go out to the Girards as they begin a new life in their beautiful new home.”

The episode of the hit ABCTV show featuring the Girard family airs Sunday, February 8.

By The Fulton County News

I really enjoyed watching the show. The eldest daughter Jacqueline, when asked what she would like in her new room, mentioned photo taking, capturing memories, and scrapbooking as her main interests. After her dad died, she found his childhood scrapbooks and was really touched to learn more about him. She loved that she could see what a happy childhood he had and it meant a lot to her to capture memories of her own life. She was only 15, but with such tragedy in her life, was a very mature young lady. When they showed her finished room, it had enlarged photos of her family hanging down from strings or wires over her bed. And her desk had an open scrapbook on it, with some tools, her camera, and other scrapbooking items…a wonderful place for her to scrapbook and remember her dad. It was a great episode. After they said, “Move that bus!” my kids said, “Oh, mom, we know which room you can’t wait to see.” I love when scrapbooking makes an appearance in popular shows or movies! Did you see it?

“Splendid” and “Summer Soiree” by Fancy Pants

I just saw ^^ this ^^ in the store over at ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED and fell in {LOVE}. Which is appropriate, considering the theme of this line is love and Valentines Day. Here’s another view of the line, although you get MORE than this in the above kit from AMR:

You can order the Splendid 12×12 paper kit {the one in the top photo} HERE.

I’m also loving this one by Fancy Pants called “Summer Soiree.” I’m hoping Stacey will be able to carry it at AMR; she is so good about getting pretty much any product you ask for. Anyway, LOVE it! The colors are so bright and fun. With all this winter, I’m looking ahead to scrapping some fun spring and summer photos with this.

This is from the Fancy Pants website:

You can see the whole line HERE.

What do you think of “Splendid” and “Summer Soiree”?

SO Cute Valentine Page Element!

I saw this the other day over on the blog for Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine. Ain’t it KEE-YUTE!

HERE is the tutorial for how to make it. Remember, if you don’t have the Bazzill scalloped heart paper (I sure don’t), you can make your own. Just cut out the heart from cardstock, then punch a bunch of circles and adhere them to the back of the heart with just the top half peeking out. Viola! Instant scalloped heart paper! What a great project for using your red and pink scraps, too. Heck, you could use this idea in so many ways….different shapes, different colors, different holidays. Like a party hat shape covered in blue, red, and yellow circles….a Christmas tree shape covered in red and green circles….it’s endless really…

What do you think of this cute idea? If you make one, please leave a link to your blog in Comments so we can all come see! If it’s okay with you, I’ll post a picture here with a link to your blog.

Movie Review: “New In Town”

I promised you HERE and I will finally deliver. I had sick kids and a surprise work assignment that kept me up until 2am….but here we go!

If you haven’t already heard, the movie that started this past Friday called “New In Town” starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. features scrapbooking as part of the movie. I had wanted to see it anyway after seeing some previews, but when I heard there was scrapbooking involved, I had to see it! I mean, with as popular as scrapbooking has become, I can’t think of any other feature film that has included it in this way. I won’t give you the play by play of the entire movie, I’m just sharing the scrapbooking parts, LOL! So if you don’t want any SPOILERS, don’t read!!! For reference sake: Lucy (Renee Zellweger), Ted (Harry Connick, Jr.), and Blanche (Siobhan Fallon Hogan) <- she’s the scrapper.

The movie starts with a group of Minnesota ladies scrapbooking and chatting. There were four ladies around a kitchen table that was about 3×5′ so I had to laugh. For most ladies I’ve cropped with, that would barely be enough space for ONE of us, LOL! The woman who is hosting the get-together is the main scrapbooking character and is clearly "into" this hobby. When Lucy arrives in town and Blanche drives her to the home she’ll be renting, one of the first things Blanche asks Lucy is if she’s a scrapper. At first, Lucy just says "huh?" and doesn’t get the question. Later, Blanche asks her again ~ you can tell this is really important to her ~ and whips out a thick, overly embellished mini album from her purse, proceeding to show her album to Lucy while they drive. Lucy asks if she can look at it later instead. It was quite funny, I thought, poking fun at how we scrappers truly are, giving new friends the scrapper litmus test….if they are one, they must be cool. They are officially IN without having to prove another thing to us. And whipping the mini album out of her purse unprovoked. In reality, the only scrapbookers I have know to carry a full-on album of any sort in their purse are custom scrapbookers and it’s a selling tool for them. Am I alone? Do you carry a mini album in your purse?

There were a few other references to or scenes that included scrapbooking in them. For instance, Lucy comes to Blanche’s near Valentine’s Day. Blanche invites Lucy to make cards, again all seated at that tiny kitchen table with all their gear spread out. Lucy declines (she is clearly too cool for scrapbooking), then one of the ladies hands her a handmade Valentine. Lucy gives Blanche some cash for Christmas, and Blanche gives Lucy a scrapbook….it is clear to the viewer which “gift” has more value. The movie’s closing credits had a scrapbook theme, with the pages of a scrapbook turning, showing photos from throughout the movie, with embellishments and captions. I recognized some Jolee’s, K and Company, and EK Success products. Yes, it IS sad I can recognize product by manufacturer….I’ve come to peace with that.

I noticed in the credits something like “Assistant to Director/Scrapper: Lissette Rodriguez.” I was wondering who the scrapbooker was who made the actual props in the movie and whether she’d get credit…and she did. I Googled that name and can’t find anything on her, so either Lissette is a shy scrapper without a blog (gasp!), or I remembered the name wrong. If you happen to know anything about this “famous” scrapper, tell me about it, K? Even in THIS detailed cast and crew list, I can’t find the name again and there is no “scrapper” listed……sheesh, they even have the Honeywagon Driver, but no scrapper….WTH?

Overall, I liked this movie a lot. Although it does poke fun at things that are near and dear to my heart ~ scrapbooking, being a Christian, fearing job loss to corporate American greed, etc. ~ I think, in the end, the message is that Blanche and her scrapbooking, Jesus-lovin’ friends have a richer and more fulfilling life than busy, pretty, fashionably dressed Lucy. Scrapbooking is portrayed as the backdrop for friends to get together and gossip, a way for women to share and show off what they’re proud of, and a way to make touching and special gifts for those you care about. What a relief….I was expecting some more of the nastiness that seems to get thrown our way for some unknown reason by all the haters.

I was curious as to how non-scrappers in movie media would see the scrapbookers/scrapbooking in “New In Town,” so I did a little searchy werchy and here is some of what I found….

THIS review denigrates scrapbooking:

“Hold on to your toques. The romantic comedy “New in Town,” in which RenĂ©e Zellweger plays a female executive who’s transferred from the big city to small-town Minnesota, opens with a scrapbooking scene. That’s right: a group of women sit at a table pasting photographs and little bits of colored paper into elaborately decorated bound volumes. Exceedingly sensitive viewers, as well as recent patients of open-heart surgery, are advised to avoid “New in Town,” as the excitement may just be too much…And it probably is the first movie to use scrapbooking as a dramatic device. Let’s also hope it’s the last.”

THIS is a great article from with an interview with Siobhan Fallon Hogan. She is very sweet and respectful of scrapbookers.

And don’t forget THIS interview on ScrapScene that I posted before.

THIS is a fair review by one of my favorite sites for checking if movie content is family friendly.

THIS review mentions “the gossipy scrapbooking female Minnesotans,” but as a criticism of the triteness of the movie plot, not in a way derogatory to scrappers.

THIS one was cute, how it made “scrap booking” into two words, LOL: “There is also a sweet, family-friendly, small-town-values undercurrent to the story, topped off by Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon Hogan). Blanche mixes tapioca pudding and scrap booking with sincere faith in action and conversations about Jesus.”

Needless to say, if you’re a scrapbooker, I think you’ll get a kick out of this movie. It’s always nice to see things you can identify with, and see them made fun of, but in a nice way. I really enjoyed the movie for this and other reasons, including a great soundtrack, and plan to watch it again when it’s released to DVD. Please watch this movie and let me know what YOU think of it….

Awesome Tutorial for Acrylic Album

Are you intimidated, like I am, to do an acrylic album? Do you STILL have that blank acrylic album in your stash that you KNOW you should make a cool project with but you just can’t bring yourself to do it? That’s sure how I feel, as I blogged about HERE.

Well, my scrappy friends, help is HERE!! Here’s a tease….

Over on the AMR MESSAGE BOARD, we are lucky enough to have a longtime member named JULIE HOWARD aka Scrappin{Jewlz}. She is on the Design Team for CLEAR SCRAPS, one of the leaders in acrylic products for scrapbooking {they now sell clear acrylic ATCs!}. One of STACEY‘s great ideas for the new year is to run a “class” or tutorial every week on the message board. The “instructor” will post their class with instructions and photos, and hang around the board all week to answer any questions you have. If you like, you can complete the project and post your results for everyone to OOH and AAH over, or you just print out the class instructions for later use. It’s totally up to you.

Even if you’re not a big message board chatter, I hope you’ll at least come check out this awesome class along with future classes and THIS cool one already posted by CHRIS HERTEL aka Chrispea about mixing patterned papers together. Here’s a tease….

Here is the link to the CLASSES AND TECHNIQUES board. There are tons of things posted that can be a great jumpstart to your creativity :)

Scrapbooking is Featured in the Movie “New In Town”

You know, the cute new romantic comedy with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.? Read all about it, including an interview with the actress who plays Renee’s scrapping friend, HERE….

Oh, you know I am SO going to see this! I’m aiming for seeing it tomorrow and then I’ll give you a review. If you’ve seen it or plan to, make sure to leave a comment! Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of how scrapping is portrayed in this flick. Have a great weekend!

CHA-Winter 2009: It’s Bittersweet…and not in a Basic Grey way :(

If you’re not familiar with CHA, read all about it HERE and then come back, LOL! It started today Sunday, 1/25/09 in Anaheim, California and runs through Wednesday, 1/28/09. In a nutshell, it’s the biggest craft show in the US where all the LSSs and online retailers get to preview the new lines, interact with their Scrap Homies, see all the fun displays, do make-n-takes, receive giveaways, etc. You get to see all the Scrap Celebs in their natural habitat, amongst the pretty paper and smell of adhesive. You get to drool over cutie patootie TIM HOLTZ and his sexy forearms while he demos his latest ever-so-clever ink technique. Ooooh….I’m so verklempt! Must….focus…..where was I? Oh yeah, CHA!

Ever since I got serious about scrapbooking several years ago, I have always wanted to go to CHA. I think you can tell, if you’re a regular reader, that I’m quite in love with scrapbooking products, what new things are coming out, and where to get them. I mean, “in love” is somehow an understatement, LOL! Unfortunately for the average scrapper, only verified store owners and their staff members are allowed to attend. When I became a consultant for Memory Works and then opened my own little scrapbook business from home, I wanted even MORE to attend. I looked into joining CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association) so I could do so, but the membership price was too steep for someone just starting out (ironic, yes? because who needs to attend CHA and make those wonderful network-y connections more than a new store owner?). I resigned myself to never being able to attend, but I always get caught up in the Sneak Peeks from each company and turn green with envy at all my online friends who’ve been able to attend.

Well, going back to work full-time due to this crummy economy meant I had to put my little biz on the backburner until I have time to fire it up again. And if you want irony, I’ve got it for you. Who got invited to CHA this time? Who lives only 4 hours from where it’s being held? Lean in real close and I’ll whisper a little hint in your ear……closer……closer…..okaaaaaay……ME!! It’s a long story how the invite came about but don’t make me relive it because I couldn’t go. Not only does it interfere time-wise with this little thing called my Normal Work Week, but the price of a hotel, etc. is just not something my pocketbook can stretch to accommodate right now. So that’s the irony….being invited the one time I can’t go. I felt so unduly privileged to have an invite but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? It’s like if Brad and Angelina ask to adopt me because they need another freckle-faced white kid to represent! Who am I to ask questions? Just take the gig and roll with it…

I was visiting a friend on Friday who happens to be another online store owner – well, okay, if you must know, I was meeting her to pick up some Bazzill cardstock she was selling on Craigslist but that’s another post – and she said, “Oh, I’m so excited! Me and Lisa are leaving for CHA on Sunday!” Well, mother (bleep). Someone ELSE who gets to go! Not only that, when I told her I also got an invite but couldn’t go because of fundage, she says, “Oh, you could’ve roomed with us. Our third girl just backed out today. We’re sharing a big suite and it’s only $100 total each for 2 nights.” Again I say, mother (bleep)!

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I found out one of my all time favorite people is going to be there! This is quoted from a CHA press release:

“Paris Hilton, internationally recognized model, singer, author, and entrepreneur will be available on Sunday, January 25, 2009 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm in the Wooky Entertainment booth #2500, to unveil Paris Hilton, the Creativity Collection™ a multi-faceted line of fashion crafting kits from some of the most popular craft segments including scrapbooking, jewelry making and fabric embellishment. Paris will be on hand for photos and signing autographs.”

Is God trying to punish me? Did I tinkle in someone’s Wheaties??!!! Oh, the horror of missing my girl, Paris! Just kick me while I’m down, why don’t you? Dig the knife in a little further, okay?

So you can see why CHA-W (or “chaw” as we insiders call it) is so bittersweet for me this time. To all my homies out there in Scrap World who are down in Anaheim right now, sipping your little freakin’ Mojitos or whatever by the heated indoor hotel pool, gabbing away about how much FREAKIN’ fun it was at CHA today and how much more FREAKIN’ fun it’s going to be the rest of the time, you just have a wonderful time, okay? Really. Don’t even worry about me. At. All. Cuz I’m not bitter.

Just bittersweet….

Gratitude Project: Title Page and Week One

In THIS post, I told you all about the Gratitude Project I’m participating in. I was originally going to do this project as a 12×12 album and went to work right away on the introduction page. I couldn’t decide between these two looks, so I posted them over at the AMR message board for opinions on which one was best:



The more popular choice was the white background because, although the turquoise side has all the same fun words, they were harder to see. I decided to go with the white background, but then started having serious misgivings about choosing the 12×12 format. Just seemed too big to fill up the whole page, as I’m not generally a 1-photo per page scrapper anyway. I decided to switch over to an 8.5×11 format and I found a plain, 3-ring binder at Walmart for 3 bucks. It had the kind of cover where you can slip in a page so luckily I was able to convert my title page to the smaller format. Thank gosh because getting those KI Memories “Alphabet Soup” letters undone and starting over would’ve been a bee-otch, LOL.

Here is the title page, now on the cover of my album:


And here is the layout for Week One:


The journaling reads: “We had such a sunny & warm fall that here it is January and the leaves are still falling. I found this one on the grass while leaving work one day. As I often do, I picked up this pure evidence of nature’s beauty. I’m constantly amazed at the gorgeous colors of nature, like this leaf with it’s fire red, burnt orange, and faded yellow. I think I forgot ~ in my young adulthood ~ to “see” this beauty so clearly…until the kids reminded me.”

And that’s all folks…all I’ve managed to finish so far.


Depending on when you start counting, we’re 3 or 4 weeks into 2009 and I’m already behind. This does not bode well. I hope that by outing myself on my blog, I’ll be more motivated to get caught up. I have the photos and ideas for 2 more layouts, I just need to print the photos and get ’em done!

As you can see by my simple style, I’m not the greatest scrapper but I hope you’ll enjoy my pages anyway, and find things to be grateful for in your own life….

New Colorbok and K&Co. “Que Sera Sera” at Michael’s

Colorbok goodies from the Dollar Bins…I got the green flutterbys and white stars…


Hard to see from these pix but there were embellies, small and large shaped papers, etc. The colors were pretty….white, black, green and blue…


Check out those shaped mini board books!


I guess the sale ends today (Saturday) but it was 40% off ALL stickers, including these new ones from K&Company that were on an endcap with the whole new line of Que Sera Sera. SUPER pretty!



I couldn’t pass up these lace papers. I’m such a sucker for shaped papers. But I did use a 40% coupon so they were practically free, right? LOL!


This Mike’s had the new Making Memories line filled in better than the last photo I posted of it. It’s all pink, black and white.


Here are 2 albums for my wish list.


It was interesting. They had a long separate section up by the registers, perpendicular to all their other rows so it really stood out. One entire side of it had scrapbooking stuff that mostly was Vacation themed from all different manufacturers. Along the bottom were older and newer 12×12 albums. Maybe they’re trying to reach out to those who’ve never scrapped before? I mean, you practically had to hurdle the section to get to the registers! Great idea, Mike’s. I hope you can recruit some new scrappers!

What do you readers think? Gonna’ go after any of these goodies?

Oh, and remember the Prima bling swirl I coveted in THIS post? I snagged it yesterday with my other 40% coupon. Whoo to the Hoo! It’s so pretty, I’m going to be afraid to use it.

For My Grey’s Anatomy Homies

I was out of town shopping the other day and parked behind this car. Don’t you love it?


From a shiny, pretty Beemer to my (gulp!) car after the hit-and-run Monday night….



It’s weird that, just getting hit along the side like that, I’m sore today. And have a headache…thank gosh for Advil….

The Beginning Scrapbooker

Okay, I’m sitting here waiting for the insurance company to call back, so here is a quick entry, LOL!

A very nice lady, Jan, left this comment in the About Me section of my blog:

Comment: I need the information you are providing. New to this whole thing….it’s overwhelming! Need help just getting started. I find myself buying, buying and buying some more and not producing. Taken 2 basic classes. Appreciate your contribution and the different style of blog you have available to us. Keep up the good job…it’s endless the possibilities.
Thanks, Jan
Here is the answer I e-mailed to her:

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your comment. It IS overwhelming at first! I found it that way too. The best advice I got was to just grab 6-8 current photos (don’t worry about organizing them all first and being “in order”) and scrap a layout. Keep it simple. Doesn’t have to be artwork on your first try. Heck, if you hate the page later, you can add to it, or just have a “do over.” But you have to start, right?

Have you seen Becky Higgins’ Sketches series or Brenda Arnall’s Easy Patterns book? Those are very helpful, giving you a layout (with measurements!) to copy for starters until you feel like you can do it on your own. My other suggestion is to join a scrapbook message board if you haven’t already. The ladies are so helpful to new scrappers, so you won’t regret it. Try or I’m known as “journeyfan” on both boards so come by and say hi, okay?

Wishing you all the best in your scrapping adventures,
~Erika from ScrapbookObsession

For all you experienced scrapbookers out there, do you remember what it was like to be “a newbie”? I sure do! I was beyond overwhelmed. Luckily, I had a good friend to guide me but if I hadn’t, I probably would’ve given up. Oh, shudder to think! Where would my life be without scrapbooking? (Uh, maybe….somewhere NORMAL???) Anyway, I just wanted to post this to remind us all that everyone has to start somewhere. I hope we always extend a hand out to help those who are just coming into this hobby. I admire Jan for leaving the comment, as even that can be scary when you’re new. But, Miss Jan, please hang in there. It will all make sense sometime soon, I promise. Hope to see you on the message boards, and don’t hesitate to post here or e-mail me if I can be of more help.

Time for a Time Out…

Just wanted to jump on and let you know that I may not be posting for a bit. Everyone is fine, but were in a hit-and-run accident on our way home from Costco lastnight. A metal pole (fence post?) was sticking out the side of a truck and as we came around a corner – WHAM! – right into the side of my car. The next few days will be about insurance companies, body repair shops, borrowing a car, or finding ways to be a busy mom without my own car, LOL! Thanks for understanding :) Peace out…

Simple Scrapbooks Magazine Ends Publication

Yes, the sad news is true: Simple Scrapbooks magazine is coming to an end. This is one time when I hate it that I’m RIGHT. First, the end of the digital scrapbooking mag and now this. If you don’t have time to read the articles and blog posts about this, here are the finer points:

~ Last Simple Scrapbooks issue will be May/June 2009
~ Economic decision, lack of advertising to keep both CK and SS afloat
~ SS will be somewhat folded into CK, whether as a separate section or ideas throughout is unknown at this time
~ Some of our favorite people will be included, like Cathy Z., Stacy, etc.
~ If you have any of your Simple subscription remaining after the May/June 09 issue, your subscription will be transferred and/or added to your CK subscription

Here is what the Simple gals are saying (click on their name to see their blog post about the issue):

The official ANNOUNCEMENT by Lin Sorenson, VP/Editorial Director, CK Media

ANGIE LUCAS, Managing Editor



DONNA DOWNEY has not blogged about it yet; she appears to be traveling


and ABY GARVEY, who also hasn’t blogged about it as of this posting


Like many of you, I am very sad about this. I’ve read every single issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine since I discovered it years ago. I loved all of the practical, common sense approaches, and ideas it gave this busy mom who tries to sneak in some scrapbooking on the side. The “personalities” it brought to my life, most notably Cathy Zielske and Stacy Julian, are very special to me and I hope we truly do see lots of them in CK. I hope they continue to blog about scrapbooking as they do now, so we can see their projects and what they’re up to. The “simple” style gives balance to the embellishment-crazy style on the other end of the spectrum and I, for one, will really miss seeing it in it’s own magazine. Best of luck and my prayers to all you Simple ladies as you transition to the new stage in your lives!

Scrapbook Santa Strikes Again!

Remember THIS post, about Scrapbook Santa? Well, he’s in the news again. After Christmas, I got an e-mail from my online scrappy friend EILEEN asking for my address. It seems that Scrapbook Santa had accidentally left a package under her tree that was meant for me. Although I was a little shy to accept this gift from Eileen, I figured since it was from Scrappy Santa, I’d better not decline so that I could remain on his NICE list for next year (Tip: If you ever turn down gifts from Scrapbook Santa, he is NOT impressed and will promptly move you to the NAUGHTY list. Yeah, see, I bet you didn’t know that, huh?) I figured SB Santa had probably left me a Mike’s $1 stamp or maybe a pretty handmade card and I looked forward to receiving my envie in the mail. HowEVAH…

What came in the mail was a large padded ENVIE with….you will not believe this cuz I didn’t either….

The Bazzill pack of Christmas cardstock!!!! {Santa, you’re just feeding my addiction…and I luv ya for it!}

and THIS!!!!

Which, you may remember from THIS post and THIS post, were 2 things that I had really really really wanted but, well, ya know, money is tighter these days. Instead of buying these things for myself, whenever I’m at the store, I just kind of stand near the rack and pet them. Suffice to say, I was very blown away and grateful to Scrapbook Santa! He is such a good friend, taking the time to notice what things I was drooling over and kind enough to get them to me. He even had Eileen write me a nice note about my blog and friendship, which was the bestest part of the gift.

Thank you, Scrap Santa!!!! Give Eileen a hug for me, okay?

New Making Memories and More at Michaels!

Now how’s that for alliteration?!? LOL But really what I need to say is……GET THEE TO MICHAELS AND FAST! Yeppers, they have some more new items. And thanks to my trusty iPhone…because you would NOT see me whipping out my bulky Kodak Easyshare in a STORE, for gosh sakes….I have PHOTOS!! Okay, I probably so WOULD take photos in Michaels with my big Kodak but, see this way, I don’t get arrested.

Today, we have for you….Chloe’s Closet by Making Memories….


See the cute spiral journaling notebook in the second row for $4.99. Got me summa’ that, for 40% no less! And I already used that front orange and yellow one on a Gratitude Project layout. Bla-DOW!


I almost got this here 8×8 album, because I had originally wanted to do my Gratitude Album in 8×8 size but knew a postbbound wouldn’t hold 26 pages nicely. Well, my lovelies, this is an 8×8 three ring. And so googly cute! I left it there, thinking if I really wanted it in my heart of hearts, I would get it on my next trip. {PS: I then proceeded to Walmart where I got an 8.5×11 binder to use for my GP album instead, LOL!}


Here’s some fun and pretty new MAMBI paper pads and Soft Spoken embellies. Loved them all and got none. This time.



This is the collection they were talking about recently on 2peas. There seemed to be mixed reviews but I thought it was pretty cute. Not much I can use in my everyday scrapbooking but I love the stamps. My online scrap buddy, JINGLE, is all into woodland creatures so I think she’ll be fan. {Hi Jings!}


Love the poppies, so striking….


And this is cute…all pink, black and white by Making Memories again…As you kin see, they were still filling the rack.


All new Prima flowers, bling, etc. Lots to love here…


This bling-y flourish will eventually belong to my collection….


Strangely enough, the rack where I found all this loot was in the back before you get to framing and such. It’s the rack that used to be in front of the scrapbooking area so, whatever. I’m sure Michaels has some grand master plan up their sleeve and someday that will all make sense. Right?

Another hot item at Michaels – that I was somehow not informed of until AFTER my trip there (ahem) – is this Valentine Lace border punch by Martha Stewart. The Peas are talking about it HERE.

So, see anything you like? What will you buy at Michaels?

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