Yes, the sad news is true: Simple Scrapbooks magazine is coming to an end. This is one time when I hate it that I’m RIGHT. First, the end of the digital scrapbooking mag and now this. If you don’t have time to read the articles and blog posts about this, here are the finer points:

~ Last Simple Scrapbooks issue will be May/June 2009
~ Economic decision, lack of advertising to keep both CK and SS afloat
~ SS will be somewhat folded into CK, whether as a separate section or ideas throughout is unknown at this time
~ Some of our favorite people will be included, like Cathy Z., Stacy, etc.
~ If you have any of your Simple subscription remaining after the May/June 09 issue, your subscription will be transferred and/or added to your CK subscription

Here is what the Simple gals are saying (click on their name to see their blog post about the issue):

The official ANNOUNCEMENT by Lin Sorenson, VP/Editorial Director, CK Media

ANGIE LUCAS, Managing Editor



DONNA DOWNEY has not blogged about it yet; she appears to be traveling


and ABY GARVEY, who also hasn’t blogged about it as of this posting


Like many of you, I am very sad about this. I’ve read every single issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine since I discovered it years ago. I loved all of the practical, common sense approaches, and ideas it gave this busy mom who tries to sneak in some scrapbooking on the side. The “personalities” it brought to my life, most notably Cathy Zielske and Stacy Julian, are very special to me and I hope we truly do see lots of them in CK. I hope they continue to blog about scrapbooking as they do now, so we can see their projects and what they’re up to. The “simple” style gives balance to the embellishment-crazy style on the other end of the spectrum and I, for one, will really miss seeing it in it’s own magazine. Best of luck and my prayers to all you Simple ladies as you transition to the new stage in your lives!

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    Don’t forget this is the same company that stopped digital scrapbooking as well.

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    scrappysuzz says:

    Very disappointing. I hope to Cathy Zielski and Stacy Julian in the future. The simple style allowed me transfer from 8×8 to 12×12. Without being afraid that wouldn’t be able to fill up the page. Very, very sad to see it end.

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    Drat! Super drat. I really like this mag, and just picked up one yesterday. I sure hope they blend it into CK and make it a prominent piece. Dang. :(

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    This is off the topic but I just thought I would let you know that on right now, all the DCWV 12×12 and 8×8 stacks are on sale for 8.99. That is a STEAL for the 12×12 stacks!!!

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    I’m sad about this, also. It was one of the few scrap mags that I still read.

    I found your blog today (2peas) and have enjoyed reading it!

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    Scrapster says:

    This is so dissapointing. Did you know that this is the only scrapbooking magazine on Amazon that has five stars? That is why it is really weird to me that such a great magazine was the one to shut down. Personally, I feel that this was the best one to suscribe to. But, oh well, it’s been a week and I’m finally over it. I do hope that this is all due to crisis, and that when it ends, CK will decide to put it back up. Scrapbooking will never be the same without Simple!

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