I don’t think you could tell from your end, but I couldn’t get into my blog for about the last week. Woo Themes, where I get my blog’s theme “Canvas” from, was hacked. So they had to rebuild everything. Blah, blah, I don’t get all that computer talk nonsense so I won’t even ATTEMPT to explain what happened. What it meant for me was that I couldn’t log into my blog at all – couldn’t post, see comments, check stats – NUTHIN’.

I was going a bit kuh-razy, if you must know. Just imagine you’re standing outside an amazing scrapbook store, spying all the goodies through the big windows out front, and you can’t. get. in. For a week.

Yeah, it felt like that.

So I’m back now. I have to go do some updates of some sort. Blah, blah, blogity, blah. I’m so looking forward to it. NOT.

Wish me luck … I’m going in :P

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