Buy the Bunch at Michaels

Well, this is pretty cool! There’s a new program at Michaels call “BUY THE BUNCH” where you can call ahead to your local Michaels, make a special order, and have it delivered to the store for pickup. There are no minimum quantities and your order may qualify for discounts. I used the locator thingee and my 3 closest stores participate in the program, yip!

I think this would be great or brides-to-be needing a bunch of candles or favors, cardmakers who buy cards and envies in bulk, or teachers who need multiples of an item for a school project. Or even if you’re just a regular ol’ shopper like me and the item you want is missing from the shelf. Ooh, I wonder if you could pair this with one of those 20% off your total order coupons? That would be double coolio!

Anyway, just wanted to share about this new program in case it might come in handy for ya’ at some point :)

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