As I wrote about HERE, the new set of crop bags by CREATIVE MEMORIES was on my wish list for Scrap Santa this Christmas. I’m happy to report that he must’ve judged me a good girl this year … because I got the bags! Nope, I’m not shizzlin’ you. I really did!

Okay, let’s cut the crap. I knew I was getting the bags, and Scrap Santa had nothing to do with it. I arranged the whole thing with my mom ahead of time.

Let’s face it … if you read my blog in 2009, you know that I had a questionably “naughty” year. I did a bunch of scrapbook industry rumor spreading. I ruthlessly enabled scrappers to spend money on products they probably didn’t technically “need,” though I may have convinced them otherwise. I even used curse words when it was deemed appropriate (and c’mon, you KNOW sometimes it’s appropriate!).

Needless to say, I wasn’t taking my chances with Scrap Santa on the crop bags. I wanted them too badly. And what does a Scrappy Girl do when she reeeeeeeeelly reeeeeeeelly wants something? She calls her Scrap Mama, of course. Hollah! I called my mom, who happens to scrapbook once a month with my sister-in-law … who happens to be a Creative Memories Consultant … who happens to have told me in the past that if I ever wanted to get CM crop bags through her, she would waive her 30% commission as her gift to me. {Don’t I have the best mama and sissie-in-law???}

So my mom ordered the crop bag set I wanted from my SIL and I got them when we took a road trip and visited my mom last week. First of all, can I tell you how EXCITED my husband was at the prospect of adding this huge set of bags to our already overloaded vehicle on our 5-day, 900-mile trip? I mean, he was SO excited! I think his exact words were, “Don’t tell me I have to fit all that crap in the truck.”

I finally sold him on the idea of “allowing” me to bring my crop bags home with us when I pointed out that I could pack all of the smaller bags inside the largest bag. Not only that, but I could pack other stuff in there as well. Big selling point. Thus, my large new crop bag came home in the back of our truck, with the smaller bags inside of it, along with my Uggs, 6 beach towels, the airbed pump, and 5 DVDs.

“See, honey, crop bags are VERSATILE! And they have rolley wheels!” {Bah! If looks could kill, I’d be dead}.

Without further ado, let the clouds part and reveal … (harps playing) … my new crop bags!

First, we have the “Daisy Wheeled Cart” aka “The Mondo Huge-amic Size of a Small Car” bag



Big and Beautiful!

I adore how CM puts large outside pockets on their bags. The tiny little outside pockets on my Crop-in-Style tote drive me batty. What can you fit in there, a freakin’ dime? I want large pockets that I can actually fit, like, scrapping stuff in.

Here is the inside. It will be close, but I think I can fit my cropping stuff in there, hee hee :) I love the pink with black polka dots pattern, and that the interior is NOT black, which makes it easier to find things. Plus, it’s cute.

I like how the lining zips out so you can clean it. That’s the first time I’ve seen that feature in a crop bag.


Next is the “Daisy Weekender”:



The top has double zippers like some suitcases, and opens up in a neat and different way. Everything should be easily accessible but not squished together at the top like a tote bag would do. This is one side …

…and this is the other…Cool pockets, huh?

Again, great external pockets and I like the curved flap detail.


Here is the “Daisy Project Tote”:



Just your basic tote. Here is the inside. I like the cell phone pocket … will be a good place to keep my iPhone handy.


And finally, the “Daisy Tool Caddy”:



This bag comes packed flat and you put it together. Here are the pieces …

I put the divider in. I’m not sure what the extra pink square piece is for. Need to look more closely at the little flyer insert or online to see if it tells ya.

This is just a close-up showing you how the 2-pieces zip together.

Seriously, I didn’t post photos just to brag. I’m hoping that if someone is looking for info on these bags to decide if they want them or not, they will come across my post and at least see photos of the insides and make sure they like them.

Yeppers, those are my new crop bags! Eeeeeeeee! So excited! Can’t wait to use them for a crop. I might be going to a crop weekend in late January. If that falls through, I’m hoping to hold my own crop in early February. Wish me luck … I call tomorrow to try and reserve the crop space. And stay tuned for a future post when I fill them up and you can see how much scrap stuff I can fit in these suckers.

What was your favorite scrappy Christmas gift?

ETA 11/01/12: The photos I originally linked to on CM’s site were no longer valid. I updated them with current photos. I could not find the Daisy Tool Caddy on the CM website so I’m not sure if they still carry it. Photo above comes from another source :)

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  1. avatar

    Oh my, I think I’m a little bit in love. And who knew, Creative Memories doesn’t equal ugly useless crap anymore. Lucky gal. I on the other hand, will have to stick with my K-mart crop trolleys (even if they do have nice big outside pockets) and my dollar store matching crop bags. Sigh…

  2. avatar

    Lucky you! Loving the bags! I have two bigger over-the-shoulder-but-they’ll-kill-your-back bags. One is a Karen Foster one (a present from my sis) and one is a Crop in Style one from way back when (a $4.99 score at a non-scrappy store). They work for me, since I don’t really go to any crops. My fave scrappy present was my Epic Six and money for some scrappy goodies. I’m waiting on my first sets of nesties to arrive this week!

  3. avatar

    I bet that extra square was supposed to fit into the bottom before you put the dividers in…just a guess.

    I have the old CM pieces and I still love ’em!

    My fave scrappy gift was my 2 white bookshelves for my scraproom.

  4. avatar

    Those are so cute and gosh darn diverse. Hubby should be thanking you for your versatile storage solutions on long road trips!

  5. avatar
    Mustangkayla says:

    Those look like fantastic bags/totes! Congrats on the new goods!

  6. avatar

    Cute bags!! I really like the Daisy Tool Caddy to pack away supplies for a crop. My favorite scrapping gift was my new D5000 DSLR!!! This was all I wanted for the past few years (D40/D60 at the time!). But ‘Santa’-hubby came through and made this the best Christmas ever!

  7. avatar

    ook I dont like crop bags I dont go to crops I scrap at home… you know my situation.. but I LIKE THISSSSSSSSS!!

  8. avatar
    Teri M says:

    Super cute. Might have to put those on a list of scrappy stuff I want really bad!

  9. avatar

    Adorable!!! And, I’m with Scrappy Girl, I think that square is supposed to go in the bottom to support/stabilize it.

    My favorite scrappy Christmas gift is my new trimmer. It’s that awesome one from Fiskar’s with the 6″ deck to the left of the blade and 1 1/2″ to the right. I LOVE that thing!

  10. avatar

    Love the bags! I went to a CM party earlier this year and ordered the Tool Caddy and the Weekender, and I love them. I also purchased the nifty little binder that holds all the CM cutting system patterns. I had been searching for something to hold that cutting system for a long time, so I’m glad CM finally figured out a way to store them!

    My favorite scrappy gift this year was a Cricut… or rather, the idea of a Cricut! My mother bought one for me at one of the Black Friday sales (I think she scored it for $69 at Michael’s), but then forgot to bring it with her when she came to visit me for Christmas. So I know she bought it for me, but I don’t actually have it in my possession yet. I think it’s a ploy to get me to drive up and visit her, so I can pick it up!

    1. avatar

      Wow! $69!! Here in Australia the Cricut retails for $495 – $795, and about $130 for cartridges. I am seriously jealous!!!

  11. avatar
    Mari says:

    You are too much fun!!! love the bags.. can’t wait to see it filled with all your scrap goodies!


  12. avatar
    Liezel says:

    I love my daisy tote bags from creative memories.

  13. avatar

    i also have the wekender and the tool caddy.. i love them! I am just waiting for the wheeled car since it’s so darn expensive!!! (220$) .. but one day soon i will give in! :) And yes, the pink part went under the square part :) so it would be more sturdy.

  14. avatar

    I think I found my new bags! I am in the market for a new tote. My cheapo Joann’s one lasted me 5 years and now it is ripping. I think I DESERVE something this cute! LOL

  15. avatar
    beverley says:

    thank you for great discriptions of the bags . I saw someone with them and I started looking into what exactly what they entailed and when looking into your website It gave me a better understanding of them and so I am ordering a weekender and the wheeled cart. thanks again !

  16. avatar
    Wanda Flint says:

    I am looking for the large Daisy Bag on wheels. The big one. How can I get one? Do you have one for sale? Please let me know.

    1. avatar
      Misty says:

      oops, sorry… didn’t see your post here first… Praying we BOTH find them!!! lol

    2. avatar
      Sylina Massengill says:

      If you are still looking for one, let me know. I have one NIB.

  17. avatar
    Misty says:

    anyone selling their Daisy Rolling Cart or weekender??

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