Are you tired yet of hearing me yap about MAGGIE HOLMES line for Crate Paper called “Flea Market”? ‘Cuz if you are sista’, just keep on truckin’. I talked about it already HERE, HERE, and HERE and now I’m going to talk about it again. {Jeez, obsess on things much? Nahhh…}

As you know, I was excited so see this line was being made into a PROJECT LIFE kit . . . and now it’s here!!

And you can get it here: Project Life Mini Kit: Maggie Holmes – Flea Market

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of that pink and green flowery pattern. Not a fan of flowery in general so no offense to Maggie or anything, LOL. And I usually prefer white backgrounds for my Project Life pages for some unknown reason. But I’m going to get this kit anyway. Maybe the flowery cards will have something I like better on the other side. Or maybe I can use them on Mother’s Day cards. Yes! Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.

And the rest of it, I adore! Banners, chevrons, the gorgeous sea blue/green color, navy and yellow polka dots – those are all right up my alley. And those bokeh hearts kill me every time. I hear there are only two 3×4 and one 4×6 of the heart bokeh cards but that’s okay.

Thanks to my friend Renee sharing some photos of this kit that she bought, I also see there is some wood, ombre, and little hearts, too!

This is only about half of the cards but it’s enough for a great visual of this kit. Thanks so much, Renee! You rawk, ma sista’.

ETA: But wait! Even more pictures from Renee! She pointed out those BLUE bokeh hearts. Oh, be still!

I truly was going to try resisting this kit because of, well, THIS. {The first step to overcoming addiction is to admit you have a problem}. But after seeing Renee’s photos, I was done. D-U-N, dun!

If you still haven’t made up your mind, let me share a recent blog entry by Maggie Holmes herself HERE where she did some Project Life pages using her PL Mini Kit and items from the Flea Market scrapbooking line. Here is just one of her layouts:

Love this! She shows that it’s not only a “girly” kit but can clearly be used on more masculine pages, too. Go to Maggie’s blog to see more awesome ways to use this kit and her entire “Flea Market” line.

So if I’ve enabled you {wink} and you’d like to purchase this kit, it’s RIGHT HERE for the taking.

And if you get a kit and want more of those flower cards, I’ll swap ’em with ya’ – ha!

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  1. avatar

    You are right about that floral pattern, just not quite right. Love everything else. Still did not purchase…resisting!

  2. avatar
    Lisa C. says:

    Well I just ordered it and I don’t even do PL! I love all the patterns – yes, even the floral. :-) I’ll use them on my layouts. Thanks for linking Maggie’s boyish page.

  3. avatar
    Katie B says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the cards…I didn’t think I needed this kit (don’t like the floral) but after seeing the other cards and Maggie’s example page, I actually really like almost all of the kit!

  4. avatar

    Thank you thank you thank you for the pictures of the cards!! I had to see them to know if i wanted the kit and have waited patiently for someone to post. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!!

  5. avatar

    I would love this PL kit, thanks for the pictures :)

  6. avatar

    I love Flea Market by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper! Which definitely surprised me! I want to hoard that heart bokeh paper! I will restrain myself form purchasing the PL kit, but I will definitely be getting bits and pieces from this line.

  7. avatar

    love this line – bought most of the line as well as the project life mini kit!
    thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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