Can you believe it? My little ol’ Scrapbook Obsession blog has been around for almost 4 1/2 years and, as of 4/30/11, has received over 874,000 hits. I *know*, right? Pretty cool.

Hold up for a second. Do you ever watch the Miley Cyrus skit they do on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? “Pretty cool.”


Okay, now you see why saying “pretty cool” made me think of Miley, right? But back to the actual topic of this post …

Let’s cut to the chase: I want to hit the 1 Million Views landmark by December 31, 2011. That will be just prior to my five-year blogiversary in January 2012. Do you think we can do it?

I thought I’d look at my stats from the past and see if this is even a do-able goal:

2007: 56,218
2008: 240,095
2009: 250,702
2010: 241,045
2011: 86,364 (as of 4/30/11)

I’ll need to get 126,000 more hits in the next 8 months. I’m thinking it can be done! Here are some topics I predict would help generate enough clicks to put me over the top:

Donna Downey Contro #3
Photos of new items at Michaels, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, etc.
Anything Martha Stewart

Hee! That’s all tongue-in-cheek. But my blog definitely gets more looks when I post about scrapbook industry controversies, fo’ sho’. Other popular posts are the shopping ones. Yeah, there are a bunch of you scrappers after my own heart. The shopping is a VERY crucial part of scrapbooking, no doubt about it :)

There have been 4,307 comments left and I have 145 active subscribers (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!). I hope to reach 5,000 comments and 200 subscribers by my deadline of 12/31/11. These goals might be harder to reach but I’m going for it.

What kinds of posts are your favorites or what kinds of things would you like to see here?

Other than this kind of thing, I mean …

Because I don’t post gratuitous beefcake photos. This is a scrapbooking blog, people! Stay focused!

{Wait. Maybe we could get Patrick Dempsey to pose shirtless with a scrapbook. That would work, right? Okay, I’ma have my people call his people and see what we can work out}.

Okay, now let’s get started on this million hits project, shall we? Sheesh.

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    Wow, 1 million! Happy to help out for a worthy cause! And I thought it was impressive when my blog hit the one thousand mark last week! Holy-guacamole, you have a lot of faithful readers!
    Good luck in reaching your goal, I’m sure you will get there!

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    I’m a new follower :) Love your goals1 I found you via 2peas. I think you should definitely get Patrick Dempsey to pose shirtless with a scrapbook ;)

  3. avatar
    Julie Steed says:

    Will continue to follow you even if Patrick is unavailable! Admire your goal oriented frame of mind. Yes, follow you for some of the reasons you mentioned. Will try and think of other things…about a project here and there with all those great buys you get?f

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    Karen Moore says:

    I’ll be happy to do my part and comment more often! I love reading your blog and am happy whenever I see a new post! My suggestion is to perhaps post a picture of Dr. McSteamy, hunky Mark Sloan (aka Eric Dane). He’s the one into sbing – remember Callie’s baby shower? lol Not that pictures of P.D. aren’t fun to see!!!

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    The Unpromised One says:

    Wow… You have almost 880,000 views, and almost 5,000 total comments? That’s pretty impressive. I think you should be able to reach 1 million views EASILY by the end of this year.

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    Does anyone realize how many movies there are with scrapbooks. Of course, there is New in Town and Legally Blond–my favorite line is “I can’t scrapbook worth a d***” said in a whiny voice. Harry Potter gets a scrapbook at the end of the first movie. Bruce Almighty, she wants him to help her with the photos for the scrapbook. I think it would be fun to see how many movies are out there that include scrapbooks (does Calendar Girls count–they were sort of scrapbooking)? That might bump up the hit count as well!

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