This is a very cool site with all kinds of scrapbook news and projects. I’ve been on their list to get daily e-mails for awhile now and love the news sitting in my inbox every day. Just quick tidbits of the latest and greatest, with links to click on when you’re so inclined. They also have a long list of scrap celeb blogs, so if you’re looking for Becky’s or Lisa’s or Elsie’s, you’ll find it there.  The blog writer, Angie, just had a little girl! So happy ~ they seem like a sweet family over there. Anyway, I highly recommend you check out SCRAPSCENE.  Go ahead, just get on their daily feed like I did, so you can read the news every day :)

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    Thanks for pointing out that site. I went ahead and got their daily feed. Looks interesting.

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    I’m not sure why I’ve been lurking and not commenting. Love your site. You are so up-to-date on all the “goings on.” It’s great to visit and feel like I’m finally in the loop (heh-heh)! Great blog!

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    Just wanted to say hello! Love your site!
    Thena Smith

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