Word on the street is that BIG LOTS has THICKERS again. I found them the other day, along with a few other cool things.

This is a Basic Grey’s “Do Me a Favor” favor boxes from the Eskimo Kisses line.

Here’s the “official” product photo which shows what’s on the other side of the package, with the favors this kit makes. It retails for about $7 and I got for $1 … that’ll work.

I don’t plan to make favor boxes ~ have no use for them ~ but I figured for a buck, I could use just the flower, heart, and journaling box punch-outs in my scrapbooking.

Here is a varsity-style sticker alpha by American Crafts. You could use these on sports, cheerleading, or high school pages. Again, you can’t go wrong for $1, right?

Ah, the target of my search: THICKERS! They were $2 a pack vs. the usual $4-5. That’s why I love stocking up at Big Lots on my favorite alphabet stickers. I decided to get more than one pack of the black font since it’s so cute and different yet versatile.

Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with a whole set of green glitter NUMBERS because I have no flippin’ idea … but but but … I got caught up in the Thickers Frenzy and just grabbed one of each that they had. Without thinking. Or using any discernment or judgment. Or common sense.

Ah, what the hell. It was only 2 bucks.

Here’s some darling Dear Lizzy and KI Memories chipboard stickers. Now that the rain has finally stopped and the sun is out, I’m itching to use these spring-y and summer-y colors.

All this writing about Big Lots finds reminded me that I’ve never shown you pics from my last shopping trip there a few weeks ago.

I just can’t get over their prices. I don’t care that this stuff is “so last year” or whatever. I enjoy seeing what the trends are but they don’t impact my scrapping one iota. If I like something and it’s cute, I use it. So I’m going to have fun with this “old” stuff.

I bought the “Woodhaven” paper pack because it’s such a good match to the colors in my scrapbook area. I’m thinking of either framing some of the pretty papers as is, or framing some layouts made with them.

I also found these storage cubes made of fabric that uses similar colors.

Here is one of the papers held up next to the bins on my shelves. The colors aren’t an exact match but they’ll do. And I love the birdie designs … so pretty.

So that’s my last two trips to Big Lots. I think my favorite finds are the Woodhaven papers and the Thickers, of course.

What have you found lately at Big Lots?

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  1. avatar

    What a great shopping trip…I love the little bird favour boxes….it could be a mobile :) Looks like you have loads of fab goodies :)

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    Laura says:

    Holy guacamole, you sure found some good stuff at Odd Lots (that’s what my husband calls Big Lots). I want to shop at YOUR Big Lots. Ours has a paltry offering in comparison. But I will continue to check in, because, with that store, the name of the game is: you never know what you’re going to find! I love the Thickers, never heard of them before. I’m a bit of an alphabet addict – if anyone knows of a 12 Step program for me in Michigan, I’d appreciate it! Happy Shopping everyone!

  3. avatar

    Ooo! Those are some great finds. I may just have to make a trip to my Big Lots today. Thanks for sharing!

  4. avatar

    I got some Thickers on my last trip to Big Lots as well. I got multiple packs of a green alphabet, white alphabet, and black alphabet. They had a small selection, but it was nice. No luck with anything else, though. Congrats on your finds! I love that paper.

  5. avatar

    Last year I found some fantastic stuff at my Big Lots. A lot of people really don’t think to look there for great stuff. Great blog!

    Cheers, Monika

  6. avatar

    I am so jealous! We don’t have a big lots any where around here. Great deals…happy scrapping!

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    Deby says:

    I love shopping at Big Lots. You took in a great haul.

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    abby says:

    My sis alerted me to your blog post, and on my way to a crop last night, I made a pit stop at BL. They had the BG Olivia 12×12 D-ring album, KI memories ribbon spool boxes & die-cut papers, thickers in red foil/pink chip cursive fabric/pink and white glitter chip/yellow puffy….oh, and lots of cute crocs. I showed some major restraint and only got 3 packs of thickers (2 yellow puffy & pink fabric cursive). Thanks for the heads-up! :) If you find any lullabye thickers, you best buy all they have (& I’ll send you my addy). ;)

  9. avatar
    abby says:

    forgot to say I love the look of your blog lately! :)

  10. avatar
    scrapbookertink says:

    You have just added another, good luck!

  11. avatar
    Jill T says:

    Always love to see what you snagged on your latest scrappy shopping trip!!! Need to check out my BL and see if they have anything this good.

  12. avatar
    Angie says:

    Hey chickie,
    dang it, now I’m going to have to stop by BL. lol. I can’t believe they have Dear Lizzy stuff, too! Wow. Love the look of your blog, and am sure you’ll reach your goal. Have had you linked with my favs on my blog for a long time now, so your new posts always entice folks to drive on over. ;)

  13. avatar

    I love the birdie design it’s so cool…and I like the favor boxes.

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