There has been much talk recently on the scrapbook message boards about what in the heck is going on with the scrapbooking section at Walmart? HERE is one such thread. Scrappers are reporting some variety of the following:

It has shrunk.
It has disappeared.
It has been moved somewhere else in the store.
There are lots of clearance items.
There are the same old things being restocked.
There are new items being stocked.

I’d pretty much given up on the Walmart scrapbooking section at my store years ago because the inventory hardly ever changed. Also, while it originally was a good place to get basics like adhesives and tools for a good price, their prices over time became pretty much retail. So why bother walking ALLLLLL the way to the back corner of my Walmart, behind the tire and automotive section where I had no other reason to go, right?

But with all this talk, I decided to see what the status of my WM scrap section was and this is it:

~ It has shrunk.
~ There are lots of clearance items.
~ There are new items being stocked.

There used to be about a side and a half (not quite a full aisle) at my WM of scrappy stuff. Now there is just one side of that, so we lost about 1/2 of one side. Well, technically, since they have clearance items in other places in the crafts area, I guess it’s not a net loss … yet. There is a cart of clearance items and some in the regular section also. There are a bunch of new Colorbox items and some new K&Co. and Jolees.

So here are the pictures to prove it {would I lie to you?} …

Colorbox paper pads including cardstock, patterned paper, and along the bottom row are theme kits. I think they were all about $5.

Matching Colorbox 12×12 post albums for $10

Jolee’s bling and other color-coded embellishments, along with some new things by K&Co. Everything is $3. This is the entire thing …

Top half only …

and bottom half only.

A closer look at the red blingetty bling.

CLEARANCE!!! MARTHA STEWART punches and other tools, stamps, adhesives, etc.

A closer look at the punches. See any you want/need? Good prices :)

And I know you won’t believe this so I hope you have your Big Girl Panties on while I break the news to you …. Walmart still has: THE WALL OF JOLEES!!! In fact, I think they added some new packs. Check it out, in all its glory.

On the Cart o’ Clearance, there were lotsa the cheaper CRICUT cartridges. I really wanted to snag this one for only $24, but resisted. And was glad. I came home and Googled that cart to find out that $24 isn’t even a good price. Sheesh.

Clearance 12×12 albums on the bottom of the cart.

End of tour.

“Thank you, Ladies and Gentleman, for keeping your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. That ends our tour of the scrapbooking section at Walmart. We hope you enjoyed the tour and will come to visit us again sometime soon.”

Oh! So here is the only thing I bought that day: A new bone folder by Martha, Martha, Martha! As you can see, my existing PC bone folder was quite gucky with adhesive and the tip broke years ago. I think I was due for a new one, don’t you? I paid $6; retail was $12.

I don’t really know what to say about the changes at my Walmart. I mean, “I love clearance.” There. I said something nice. I think it’s interesting that they went the more generic, color-coded route with their papers and embellishments. Colorbok is a good company as far as I can tell, and the prices are good. I reeeaaaalllyyy wish they’d use all that Jolee’s real estate for something else. I just don’t use those 3D Jolee’s stickers … at all … ever.

Okay, that’s all I got.

So what do you think of the changes at my Walmart? Good, bad, or who cares? What’s going on at yours? Have you bought anything there recently?

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    Karen ( KMG) says:

    When our Walmart closed for about 18 months to “remodel” they no longer had a craft department. Well they said it was but it literally was a section with crayons, brushes, glue and pom-poms! I told them it was great if you were in charge of the craft hour at the Senior center.

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    I never go and look…it is usually the same old stuff.

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    Our Walmarts have been clearancing out so much stuff lately. We used to have a half aisle just like you but now it’s maybe a five foot section of stickers, cricut carts, and adhesive. Seems we didn’t get any of the new stuff that I’m reading about. There might be some albums, but I honestly don’t remember seeing any.

    I hate that they’re doing it. At the same time, though, I rarely bought anything from them unless it was clearance. I did get two new super cheap cricut mats out of the deal though :D

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    Kath says:

    At the Wal-Mart near our house, I found the Cricut Design Studio on clearance (no price on the box), and it rang up at $8.50.
    The sb aisle in general is much, much smaller than it was before. No wall of Jollee’s.

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    Jessica R. says:

    You know, I have seen this happening at my local Target and Meijer stores too. They used to have huge sections. Now they are very small and had recently clearanced most of it…then didn’t re add product. Interesting. At least there are some deals.

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    I wish my Walmart would have clearanced the Martha products, they just removed them!

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    you would think that with the “low prices” walmart advertises and the sheer volume of product they’d be able to buy to stock their stores that they could carry better stuff at a great price. that would be the smart thing, huh?

    i can’t exactly remember the last time i went to a walmart, but i do know they have had the COD and big bite on clearance hovering around $25 for over a year and other stores marked them down to $5 ages ago. my store just doesn’t wanna let go i guess. lol.

    found those same cute punches at my tj maxx and marshalls recently. i was thrilled because they were under $4, and there were several i didn’t have.

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    Great article, thank you! I linked to it from today’s scrapbook news at

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    SjS says:

    Maybe check out a larger WalMart. Everything looks new at my store. There’s 16ft of paper all at $5! 8ft of albums at $10! 4ft of box kits at $15! 4ft of stickers at $1! 8ft of embellishments at $3! Unbeatable Prices :)

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    I am not a big Walmart shopper. But I was in there a couple of weeks ago and all there material was gone. The whole department.
    I only have one fabric store here, so they will be happy.
    Still had scrapbooking stuff, but nothing new that I noticed from months ago.

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    After our Walmart remodeled, the craft department shrunk. I hardly ever go to that section now. However, a couple of weeks ago, on a clearance rack not in the craft section, I found a book of 24 Martha Stewart markers that were originally $20 for $8, so I snatched them up.

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    I find too that sometimes you can get a great bargain at WalMart – worth a lookin.

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    Our Walmart is the same way hardly any scrapping stuff. We no longer have stamps pads . Though our clearenced isle always looks nothing like your photos. Ours looks like a bomb went off. Nothing is organized. Much of the items are not priced and when you go to the register the to find out the prices you about fall over at what your quoted. It was 15.00 clearenced for a scrapping set. It came with an album, pappers, stickers. The prices on clearance stamping, scrapping items are ridiculous.

    I could have got similar for 13.00 maybe 15.00 at Hobby Lobby.
    Then Hobby Lobby always has the 1/2 price sales going on. And their clearance scrapping items are a way better deal. .

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