This Friday night I have for you three scrapbooking articles … and something else to make you smile when you’re done with all that reading. Enjoy!

~ This is an awesome story called “SAVED BY SCRAPBOOKING.” I hope you can take the time to read it. It will make you feel really good about your craft and how meaningful it can be.

~ Here’s a fun little article called, “HE KNOWS WHY WOMEN SCRAPBOOK.” A nice love story, along with a man’s perspective of the hobby.

~ THIS ARTICLE just made me feel really stupid. This is what I “heard” when I read it: “Blah blah blah scrapbooks blah blah. Artsy fartsy highbrow conversation scrapbooks blah. You graduated college but you can’t make sense of this article, can you? You are one dumb bunny, blondie. Stick to scrapbooking articles with pictures and fifth-grade level words, and this won’t happen to you again. Better yet, stick to the scrapbooking comics. Blah blah blah, these people are so much smarter than you. Don’t even bother reading this whole thing because it will never make sense to you. The end.”

What did you get from it? Maybe you can translate for me …

And just because I love you … I found this in a Journey/Steve Perry forum and just had to share. I hope it makes you smile as it did me :)

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    Melissa Johnson says:

    I read that article about Jane Brakhage(sp?) – and it was a bit hard to follow – I still have no idea who she is or what exactly she did (I think she was a writer, and possibly an actress?) – it was very hard to follow. But the one thing I DID grasp is that the author thought her scrapbooks were very important. She made it very clear in the first paragraph that while she was glad that the scrapbooks were a part of a permanent collection at some museum, she was also sad. They would never be touched again (except by an appropriately sanitized, gloved set of hands) and would not be able to be admired and pored over like scrapbooks are meant to be.
    I still don’t know exactly what she was talking about overall, except that she really admires this Jane person, but she was in no way dissing scrapbooking…that part, I did get!

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    is it bad that I often look at some street signs and think how they could be *improved*… the way that one has *LOL* maybe we should start an underground movement!

    as for Brackhage – it is not so much her scrapbook but what she scrapbooked about that is important… although one could say – without the importance of scrapbooking – these things would not be available now!!!

    here is a link of the stuff she did

    and another link

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