I’ve noticed from looking at my Blog Stats that a lot of readers come here by way of searching for information about the cool new tool by MAKING MEMORIES called THE SLICE. I haven’t blogged about it since April 2008, so my posts are a bit outdated, but if you’re interested, my first post is HERE. You can see it in it’s early form when it was still owned by Tinnus. This is what it looked like back then…what a different look, huh?

HERE is where I blogged about CHA-Winter 2008 and the Slice, with a couple demo videos, and the new look was revealed…

And HERE is a post from April 2008 with another demo video, and a release date of “Summer 2008.” Well, they ALMOST made that deadline, didn’t they? LOL

So, as requested by JANA in a comment on THIS post, I will attempt to post some updated info on The Slice. Okay, I’m off to explore internet land for some updates, BRB!
Okay, lots of info on the MM website linked above, so definitely go check that out. Lovin’ the cool accessories they have for it already.

And here are some facts from their website, including MSRPs:

– Industry’s first cordless, digital design cutter
– Weighs less than two pounds
– 5” x 5” design fits in palm of the hand
– Non-fed cutter permits cuts to be placed on any size media, with no advance preparation
– Design cards in four themes offer thousands of fonts and shapes that coordinate with Making Memories’ most popular scrapbook programs
– Clearly organized and intuitive buttons offer simple navigation
– Graphical interface screen illustrates design shape prior to cutting
– Cuts shapes in up to eight sizes ranging from ¼” to 4”, in ½” increments
– MSRP: $149.00

– Design cards expand the Slice’s shape offerings many times over, and are currently available in four themes including Basic Shapes I, Basic Shapes II, Basic Shapes III, Noteworthy and Animal Crackers.
– MSRP: $35.00
– Includes equivalent of thousands of design cuts including:
• Upper & lower case alphabets
• Monograms
• Numbers
• Scrolls
• Flourishes
• Photo Corners
• Journaling Spots
• Frames
• Flowers
• … and more

The Slice is designed to cut through media in varying thicknesses including:
– Textured paper
– Cardstock
– Vellum
– Textured cardstock
– Photos (up to .5mm thick)
– Vinyl
– And Acetate

– Slice Digital Design Cutter
– Basic Shapes I Digital Design Card
– A/C Power Adapter
– 6” x 6” Tempered Glass Mat
– Repositionable Adhesive”

And check out this LINK to the Slice idea gallery. Lots of wonderful projects that will definitely make you want to own a Slice. I’m warning you, don’t go there if you’re trying to resist this thing :) Here’s one example, a layout made with the Noteworthy design card:


There is also some great info and ideas on the MM BLOG.

If you’re going to purchase a Slice, please consider buying it from my friend Stacey at ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED. She isn’t doing many pre-order items anymore, because vendors haven’t been keeping their commitments which makes it hard on her (she HATES disappointing her customers). But she’s making an exception for the Slice and you can order it HERE. Stacey played with the Slice at CHA, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you called or e-mailed her to hear firsthand what it’s like. All her contact info is on the AMR site linked above. While you’re at AMR, join the message board. I guarantee, you will not find a nicer, more welcoming group of ladies anywhere on the net. Plus you will eventually earn your “Stacey Name” and that’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

I’ve been debating for a long time whether I want to get The Slice or not. On the one hand, I already have a baby Cricut and about 5 cartridges. I’ve invested a nice bit of money in that so do I really need a whole new system? On the other hand, Making Memories is one of my favorite brands now and it would be so cool to cut out their exclusive designs. Also, I’d rather pack up this little thing for crops instead of my Cricut. Oh, who am I kidding, I’d probably take both! You just never know what you’re going to NEED to cut out, right? Well, MM couldn’t have timed it better…any other time of the year, I’d have to pass and just say, “I can’t afford it.” But with Christmas almost here, and me being such a good girl and all….

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    thank you thank you thank you! I am going to fwd the link to your friend to my MIL since I asked for it for Christmas :) I don’t own an electronic die-cutter (I’m still using my cuttlebug with sizzex and quikcutz letters!) so it’d be nice to get this as it seems to do a lot that the cricut can. Plus, I scrap 8.5×11 so the smaller size is alright by me!

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    that LO is by Laura Vegas: https://lauravegas.typepad.com

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    Katy Thompson says:

    Paper Zone in Washington and Oregon have the Slices in store now. Rumor is they will have them available on their website next week: http://www.paperzone.com.

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    love my new Slice! i just got mine today!! im out to make tons of cards and other gifts for christmas!!! im off to get more cards soon.. really wish they’d give out the CD that originally came with the very first Slice machine (yellow version) it would really be wonderful to be able to fully customize your alphas, shapes and tags.. :)

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    Tracie Johnson says:

    I love my Slice. I debated other systems for a while but couldnt live with the price of cartridges and adhesive backings. The slice has earned its keep around here. The blade goes forever (seems like it). The adhesive is a little tricky but goes the distance for the buck. I could bring this to a crop and let all of my friends go to town and not worry about how much the depriciation of all my supplies cost me. The blades are a little tricky to change when the time has come.

    I hope this will help someone on the fence. Just take the plunge.

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    Nancy Styn says:

    I bought a Slice because QVC advertised it as doing shapes from 1/2″ to 4″. However, all the cards that have come out just go from 1″ to 4″. Does the Slice really have the capability of doing the smaller sizes, and if so, is it the machine or the cards that control this. Also, when will the cards come out that actually do the smaller sizes if that is what it is. If not, I’ll return mine because I really wanted to do smaller sizes for my card making.

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