Wow, what an intense week it’s been! I’m so glad it’s almost Friday – and a very GOOD one it will be at that! (Heh. See what I did there?)

I don’t want to be all “Team Lisa this, Team Lisa that” so I wasn’t going to post about tonight’s conference call with Wendy, the team trainer. The call is geared specifically toward anyone who wants to know more about Team Lisa and the possiblity of buying/selling Lisa Bearnson’s “Anthology” products that come out in late summer 2015.

But I just heard that Lisa Bearnson herself is going to be on the live call – and thought maybe you’d want the opportunity to hear from her yourself. So here are the details in case you’d like to listen:

TONIGHT (Thursday, 04-02-15) Lisa Bearnson will be on a LIVE TEAM LISA Business Opportunity call at 8 pm MT [make sure to adjust for your time zone].

If you’re interested in hearing about her new product line, Anthology, coming late Summer 2015 and how you can be apart of the success with Youngevity, join the call! There are so many people interested and many more to reach so we are trying to get the information out as fast as we can.

Here’s the information about tonight’s call which you can listen to live at 8 pm MT or call in anytime after and listen to it recorded:

TEAM LISA Business Opportunity Call, Thursday, April 2nd 8 pm MT
Call in: 1-712-775-7035 Pin: 370616#
24 Hour Recorded Call (will work after Thursday call)
Call in: 1-712-775-7039 Pin: 370616#

If you’re kinda’ shy like me and don’t want to be LIVE yourself or put on the spot in any way, don’t worry. They talk, we listen. You just dial the first number above, enter the Pin on your keypad, and you’ll be able to hear Wendy and Lisa talking. That’s it. If you’re busy at the time of the call or don’t want to burn your long distance, you can either call the 2nd number later or listen to it online. (I can provide a link if you need it).

You can also contact me if you’re interested in more information. Just leave a Comment below or email me: scrapbookobsession at gmail dot com.

I’ll shut up now.

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    Teri Pannesi says:

    I had a chance to check out the offerings and let’s just say you’ve got your first customer! !!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Yay Teri! I’m so glad it’s you, friend :) There’s a LOT to check out, huh? It’s kind of overwhelming but I’m trying to just stay focused on the scrapbooking products and Lisa’s stuff for now. It’s hard; the mineral makeup and Tangy Tangerine are calling my name, lol. Have you seen all that? Yowsers. “Scrapbooking, scrapbooking, focus, focus …” :D

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    I am so anxious to see what types of products Lisa will be offering. I hate that they are keeping is hush hush, I really want to know what it is going to look like.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      I know, Maribeth. It’s hard to wait! I’m not known for my patience, LOL. In the weekly calls and other updates we get from Lisa, she says the products are moving forward but she can’t provide too much detail until it gets closer. I’ve started a Team Lisa page here on my site and will post updates in there as I get them, if you’re interested. Just scroll down a bit to Lisa’s photo.

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