I’ve been tagged by my blog buddy Karen over at Scraps of Mind (https://karooch.wordpress.com/).  (Sorry, things like this prove how computer UN-savvy I am!!  I don’t know how to show you the book cover or make the websites attach right into the name).

1.  Find the nearest book:  Cool.  I’m reading a good one right now about a little girl who seems have a special connection to God that no one can explain – divine voices, stigmata then miraculous healings.   

2.  Name the book and the author:  Keeping the Faith by Jodi Picoult

3.  Turn to page 123.  Okie dokie…

4.  Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next 3 sentences onto your blog.  “It has been years since he personally went to confession or took communion, and religion for Allen will always be scarred by the bestiality of the nuns who taught his parochial school classes.  But Catholicism runs deep, and this girl has made him rethink his choices.  What if, all these years, he’s been wrong?”

5.  Tag 3 more people.  Okay, I’m tagging Ilse (www.ilsesjournal.com), Leslie (https://oranginadreams.wordpress.com/), and Scrappy Cat (https://scrappycat.wordpress.com/).

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    To make a link of the name:

    When writing, click on code. Highlight the word you want to make a link, click link. A button pops up to provide the address. Input the address there. Voila. You now have links!

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    Ok! I am going to do this tonight when I get home. By the way – I LOVE Jodi Piccoult.I have to read this one next

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    Leslie – Thank you so much on the links – I can’t wait to try it. And yes, Jodi rocks! Her books are so thought provoking and well written. Let me know what you think after you read this one :)

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    It is so long since I have read a decent book and looking through all the people doing this tag is a great way to find one!! Gotta get me this one.
    Petrina. https://scrap-petrina-just-scrap.blogspot.com/

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    Hey americanmom,

    Thanks for your tag. I’ve done it. It was really fun! You can read all about it here

    Have fun!

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    Sounds like a good read, Americanmon. A thinking book.

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    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

  8. […] 8-22-07 to add: Okay, I mispoke and when I tell a lie, I try to fix it. I HAVE been tagged before, by Miss Karen/Karooch at Scraps of Mind. Sometimes I write these posts at 2am and I’m not […]

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